Made what I've decided to call a Tommy Pickles Screwdriver.

Roughly 2 shots vodka (guess who owns no appropriate measuring tools, so might have been less)
A 12 oz can of orange soda

So far it is a perfectly acceptable liquor delivery method


@hummingrain for some reason i thought this was going to involve pickle juice

at a bar near where i went to college they used to serve something called “picklebacks,” which was a shot of i think whiskey chased with a shot of pickle juice. it was honestly pretty good


@xyzzy That would honestly make more sense, but I was thinking of it as a screwdriver for babies and then remembered Tommy's screwdriver on Rugrats XD

That does sound good! Though I am generally a fan of pickles and the related brine.


@hummingrain sometimes i miss being able to drink at least a little alcohol without being instantly KO’d

i was already kind of a lightweight but then i got on SSRIs and was even further ruined

now even just like a glass of wine makes me feel drunk :/ not tipsy, not buzzed, Drunk



@xyzzy Ooof, that sucks.Sympathies <3

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