I've been watching the new Cowboy Bebop and liking it so far.

Granted my brain is also spending a lot of cycles shredding apart why they made the changes they did for the adaptation. In a good way! It's something my writer-brain has gotten fixated on lately. I went to Mean Girls the Musical on Thursday and it was much the same thing.


I do wish there was more background music for the live-action Bebop, though. They've got Yoko Kanno on board but it seems like they're mostly just recycling stuff from the old OST (which is great, don't get me wrong!) and not doing whole long sequences composed to the music like they did in the animated show.

They also tend to use short bursts of music (esp old OST) for emphasis and to flag certain things, e.g. a certain song being used for a set of recurring flashbacks.

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