day job, work (- negative, but mild) 

*sigh* Another day where I'm only getting to review older tickets properly now that the day's technically over for the service desk so I can ignore new stuff that's popping up (and everyone's left the office, too).

I can't tell if I can't focus or have too much work. Probably both. Feeling really burned out, but I took three days off the week after next, so I'll at least get some good time off then.

day job, work (- negative, but mild) 

I don't necessarily expect the end users to know this until I explain it to them, but putting your urgent acute issue (that has a known temp fix we can do) as a response to an older ongoing ticket where we're trying to find the source is a really good way for me to not see it until hours later. When if they'd filed a new ticket someone would have gotten to it within an hour.

day job, work (- negative, but mild) 

Well that ticket review took two hours, but at least it's done. Time to scurry home in time to plot and plan for the podcast games we're recording on Sat.

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