Pet health (-, but not too bad) 

The good news: the flush on my iguana's face/scales is just pigmentation, which I suspected but is v good to have confirmed

Bad news: the vet thinks Jabberwocky might have a throat infection. They're going to do a blood test to check, but poor kid

Pet health (~/+, pandemic ment.) 

Also had it confirmed that we're good to wait for the blood results before getting her antibiotics prescribed, and that doing so has a benefit in that the results might affect what type she's prescribed.

It's been good to confirm that pretty much everything else has been her spine getting worse as she gets older and not something less manageable.

And I got to talk directly to the vet!! Which o have not gotten to do for like a year due to the pandemic.

Vets are good, mental health negative 

Also they've been super great about me anxiously asking a million questions. Anxiety disorders are a bummer anyway but it's nice to deal with folks who can handle the sorts of worries it makes me have with grace and kindness.

And they very kindly clipped some of her claws that had gotten overlong. Which I wasn't sure how I was going to manage on my own, she wouldn't have sat still for that.

Still having an anxiety spike, but what can you do


mental health negative 

Though now it's mostly just the wind down.

Okay, time for me to get The Potato home. She hates the car and carrier, as you can see.

mental health negative 

@hummingrain that is amazing facial expression

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