Found Jabberwocky sitting in her food dish yesterday, for no reason I could discern. Also a great photo to show just how long her tail is

@hummingrain Ooh! I used to have a six foot green iguana, for about six months foster period before he went to a home that built him a huge vivarium :D While we had him he'd wander around the house. He was called Ziggy Stardust.

@Ethancdavenport I think it's the only part of her that's actually about the right size for an adult iguana, while the rest of her was stunted, so she got *so much* tail proportionately.

As for what she needs it for? In at least one very notable instance, to smack me across the face with it. I was pretty proud of her aim to hit me square in the cheek like that, to be honest

@hummingrain that’s your basic tail whip attack, jabby might just be a Pokemon

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