Does anyone have suggestions for an online software for organizing mutual aid in a neighborhood? I'm thinking something like forum software, less ephemeral than things like Mastodon, and with email digest functionality. I'd prefer to avoid proprietary stuff like google groups, and definitely not locked into a certain social network e.g. Facebook.

Boosts welcome

@hummingrain not what you want to hear, but imo facebook is your best bet for getting the most people the most information the most efficiently. you're always going to lose people asking them to go use some kinda software or platform that they're not familiar with.

@Garrison yeah but then I'd have to sign up for Facebook again D:

Still, you're right and I'll definitely take that into consideration when looking at options

@hummingrain @Garrison i’ve attempted to get around this by preferring options that allow facebook SSO (in addition to email, for the non-fb folks like myself)

i don’t want to discourage anyone but i was never able to migrate a group of people discussing something off facebook, even with SSO. it’s like they just don’t want to talk outside of that tab. but this was a pretty specific demographic so others may have better luck w/their people

@hummingrain Streetlife was doing that for a while, but then they got acquired by Nextdoor, which is sort of doing the same, but creepier. Probably not as creepy as Facebook though.


Maybe a mailing list? Everyone has email, probably moreso than Facebook accounts.

Mailman is free, albeit clunky but you could just manually subscribe people who want to join but don’t know how to use it.

@hummingrain okay so I'm not exactly sure what the UI allows and also how technological it is but scuttlebutt is a mesh network that doesn't require you always be online to interact, and is very hard to passively monitor. It's the opposite of something everyone already has and understands tho.

@hummingrain Can I ask you to commit to doing the legwork of @ing me with what you think I should use by the time you've finished self-educating?

@emsenn yeah for sure! Might be a couple days because I have long dayjob shifts M-W and homework deadlines, but I'll be sure to let you know what I find out

@hummingrain if you can host it, is pretty good. also is pretty lightweight afaik.

if you can’t, is one free-tier, hosted forum that people seem to like. i’m not super familiar with free, hosted forums but someone else will be (:

@hummingrain for email lists, i like which was made by a giant fan of original yahoo groups; he basically set out to rebuild it but better (:

@hummingrain maybe this?

Free/Libre software which can be self hosted. Been following its development since @mhall119 announced the creation of the project.

@hummingrain it's focused on planning events but I think offers tools for communication around such events that could be useful

@hummingrain Just yesterday I asked a similar question for a different reason. Some of the suggestions could be useful for your use case:

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