Extremely niche electronic item I wish existed: media player in the form factor of an iPod nano, SD card storage, supports .flac, can play videos, and uses a transreflective LCD with front lighting so I can use it sans backlight, and if I do need a light it's not being projected directly into my eyes.

I would go for an e-ink display were I never including videos.

Oh, and some sort of podcast management integration to track episodes listened.

Someday this will lead me down a path of Raspberry Pi zeros (or an open-source equivalent) and building my own OS. Someday!

@hummingrain probably does not have the transreflective LCD.

this is expensive because MP3 players became DAPs (Digital Audio Players) and went 'high-end' to justify their own existence (there is also a 'really low end' and little inbetween), at least you get a quality device for the price.

@hummingrain Not hard to find, minus the e-ink/transreflective display. Those just never really seem to catch on for products that have any significant user base (the only exception I can think of for this was the Pebble watch).

@hummingrain Or an e-reader, obviously.

Weirdly enough, the ancient Kindle I use has A) an SD card slot, B) an e-ink display, and C) can also play music (and it has a headphone port!).

@hummingrain Amazon is _still_ updating this device even though it's nearly a decade old, so if they built podcast capability into it (it's not impossible), "an old kindle" might actually be the device you're looking for. :P

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