This is a super long shot, but I figure if anyone knows about 'em, it'll be this group. Does anyone know any free (printable PDF ideal) zines that are like, radical leftism for kids? Anarchy, socialism, communism, any mix of the those and more?

There's a halloween trick-or-treat for the daycare kids at my office next week, and they *did* say non-food treats were a great thing to have, after all...

@hummingrain That sounds like a great idea.

Radical comic books for kids.

Shit, I don't have time for another project.

I hope that this exists, so that I can just use their instead of making my own.

In the meantime, if you find any that are not free, but tick the rest of your boxes, DM me and I'll help.

@ajroach42 @hummingrain i feel like finding an anarchy/socialism/communism zine that isn't free would be difficult

then again i haven't looked

@monorail @ajroach42 I could see, like, if they only made physical copies (so you had to play for at least shipping), or it was a monthly magazine or something.

But yeah, vast majority free for sure.

@hummingrain I'd be interested to know if there are any as well.

@RadicalEdward @hummingrain I took a look at this and it has the ableist r slur in it. I liked it otherwise!

@caprimoon @hummingrain

Yeah, also thought of CWing for suicide mention after posting.

"idiot" would have been a more correct term according to the mythos any way

@hummingrain you could consider not trying to force your ideology onto children. that sounds like the best choice here, tbh

So this is $6 US for the pdf and not specifically about leftism, but Sophie LaBelle made this coloring book for kids about gender & sexuality that might be cool to hand out?

anti-fascist children's books 


This is late, and these aren't generally free zines, but here's a list of anti-fascist children's books:

anti-fascist children's books 

@frameacloud Ooooh, thank you so much! It's always good to have resources for kids about this stuff :D

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