Fediverse, is anyone aware of some technical projects that could use developer-facing documentation written over the next couple days? I need to make new technical writing samples for a position I applied for. Sadly the stuff I've previously written is all either long-gone on previous employers' servers, end-user documentation, or otherwise unavailable.

@hummingrain check in with @eliotberriot (funkwhale) and @dansup (pixelfed)

I guess if you'd want to document stuff for Mastodon on Florence we could set you up there too. 😊 But I'm unsure when we'd be able to accept any changes, does that matter?

Thanks @maloki!

We have a bunch of things we could use help with, like documenting missing endpoints of the Funkwhale API, via Swagger (

@sporiff may have some ideas of techincal
documentation priorities too.

We have an open topic on our forum if you want to see what's going on and ask questions @hummingrain

(and also a matrix channel if you want to talk


@eliotberriot @maloki @hummingrain @dansup More developer docs would be greatly appreciated. I'm more focused on end-user docs as I'm not so clued in to the dev side of things, so the more people we can get writing technical docs the better!

I need go improve my documentation as there is none. But I don't see how you could do that alone or without having my knowledge how I did what I did as I myself don't really remember all. :D

@tobi That would make it difficult, it's true! My psychic powers are still in the mail. D:

@hummingrain KDE could need help with user and developer-facing documentations.

@hummingrain U-Boot can always use a hand cleaning up / correcting outdated things in docs/ or even just how to flash/update/etc a given board.

@hummingrain Librsvg has some missing documentation, some unclear one that I've been clarifying, etc. Are you looking to do paid or volunteer work?

Example docs:

@federicomena Volunteer. Thanks for pointing out the project to me!

@hummingrain I am working on Unmark and could use any help at all in the documentation department.

@hummingrain I have a project that could use a little developer documentation.

@hummingrain Misskey desperately needs documentation. The English documentation is barely existent and even the Japanese documentation is partial at best.

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