If anyone has any good resources for learning , I'd love to hear them. I know the basics but not enough yet to make it practical for more than just the occasional text editing.

@hummingrain i was always under the impression that this can only happen through osmosis.

@hummingrain (Okay, learn what works for you... I can't help with emacs though.)

@hummingrain Well, I can't in good conscience recommend the O'RLY book even though I have a copy. Not only does the most recent edition deal with Emacs 21.3, but if you buy it Eric S. Raymond gets a royalty check -- and he's an asshole.

Sacha Chua has all sorts of Emacs-related goodies on her website.

Her config file is... educational.

@emsenn can probably provide pointers, and if I'm around you can ask me questions as well.

The GNU Emacs reference cards might be handy until you memorize the basic keystrokes.

@hummingrain might help if you clarify what are you looking to do with emacs? programming? PIM with org-mode?

@dekkzz78 Learning to use org mode at all. Programming, definitely. Also some of the "Emacs as OS" stuff, so using it for e-mail, web browsing, etc, in a useful way.

@hummingrain org-mode?

for e-mail look gnus or mu4e

web browsing probably won't work for most sites otherwise eww

Emacs as OS then exwm

@hummingrain To add to what others have said, you might check out Mike Zamansky's series on YouTube: Some of it is more intermediate-level, but it'll give you an idea of what's possible. Also for org-mode there's the classic Google Tech Talk by org-mode's creator:

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