I really liked the essay "404 Page Not Found" by Kate Wagner, on how the internet has become an ouroboros that feeds on itself and crushes creativity.

My tiny blog post about it, which includes a link to the essay:

Direct link to the essay:

@hummingrain Ironically, I got an error clicking on your blog link (it works now, but couldn't get a database connection for a second there).

@offtheball Haha! So from what I can tell (by which I mean what people smarter than me have told me), when my toot federates, all the instances go to my site to generate a preview, which generates so much traffic that it takes down my site for a quick moment. Glad you were able to get through now!

@hummingrain I always thought Kate was older than me. Turns out she’s a few years younger (a very common thing I’m finding with Internet personalities these days)

I’m nowhere near as engaged with online culture or writing as Kate, but I’d love to read a rebuttal that argues that impermanence of recorded experience is the natural state of humanity and to use this instead of the Potemkin amnesia of EU privacy laws to erase your embarrassing middle school posts.

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