Hey -area folks, do you know some good tech companies around here that don't profit off of ads/data collection/etc? I'm job-searching again and it'd be nice to start with places that have values at least somewhat aligned with my own.

@indrora I am an aspiring infosec person so I will definitely check those out! Even if I don't qualify I can get a better idea of what employers are looking for :D

@hummingrain there's also companies like Tableau, who make money showing you your data and spend a lot of time making sure you're not seeing other people's data.

There's lots of software houses just starting up in Seattle. I've heard the Tor folks sometimes sniff around for folks...

Idea> set up own tech company that doesn't profit from ads. Then sell it to Google for one quarter of a 100 trillion dollars. <endIdea

@hummingrain Depending on your cup of tea, I know stripe and chef have seattle offices, and I've heard okay stuff about them (though second hand).
Good luck in your search!

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