Hey hive-mind, is anyone working on a FOSS (or even just independent) version of something like goodreads?

@hummingrain hadn't thought of this, now I really want it to exist.

@mayel @hummingrain @inventaire I hadn't! It doesn't seem quite the same thing though, I'm not sure you could make it work like goodreads.

@inventaire ah nice!

I notice you're using Trello for a public roadmap — if it's not too spammy to do so, I want to mention that actually I'm working on a public roadmap product that aims to be a better fit thab than Trello, maybe you'd be interested:

@joshsharp pretty interface! is it FOSS? Unfortunately, Google signin only would be a no go for us :/

@inventaire not FOSS, considering it. In the middle of removing Google sign in actually! Agree that it wasn't a good choice.


I'm liking Changemap (started using it for MoodleNet). Would <3 even more if you make it FOSS.

@mayel @inventaire thanks! I feel very conflicted about it. I think that it is the right thing to do, but we're just getting by so I need to think primarily about increasing our income. I resent that I'm forced to think that way but I feel like I have to.


I don't think the two are incompatible though. Looks at WordPress or Moodle for example, rather than having a proprietary centralized service with which you might make a bit of income by offering premium features (and all development lies on your shoulders), you can have an ecosystem:

- your hosted service, with both free and premium offerings
- contributors making improvements or adding features to core codebase
- you can offer paid custom development / customization
- others can offer paid custom development / customization and hosted services
- people can self-host their own

Of course all of this is made all the more worthwhile of you use AGPL (so all improvements are contributed back) and why not ActivityPub

@mayel @inventaire agreed, the WordPress model is what I'd pick, however it is (at least initially) higher risk. I feel like we can't afford that risk. We're just getting by. (Also, I'd rather be paid for a product than custom development - I used to do freelance development and I'd rather not do that ever again.)

Still, I think it is the right thing to do, so maybe can transition to this model once it is making enough money.

@joshsharp @mayel @inventaire

Josh, I'm not trying to change your mind, but put something on other peoples' minds.

What you are working on looks very interesting and useful.

There is in the set of decentralized networks taking off now, in Mastadon/ActivityPub and elsewhere, a need for something like that.

But it would need to be open source and federated.

It wouldn't make very much money from the decentralized networks, so probly not a direction you want to go in. Continued...

@joshsharp @mayel @inventaire

But somebody will go in that direction. It won't be "stealing your idea", the idea is already out there, so it's all about the execution now. You got a beautiful execution, and will get picked by companies with money. Trelly has already proved that you can make money off something like this, and I can already see benefits from your approach vs Trello.

@joshsharp @mayel @inventaire

The Scuttlebutts have also been talking about new ideas for work coordination, and may come up with something else interesting.

@bhaugen @mayel and that would be great! However, I don't really understand the value in supporting activitypub. Why would tasks need to exist across multiple instances, or is it more about subscribing to updates? If so, is activitypub a good fit for updating statuses, or would something like rss feeds do? Not trying to shoot you down, genuinely curious.

@joshsharp @mayel

We're starting to work on economic networks using ActivityPub. Work coordination will be part of that. Too soon to answer your specific questions in much detai, but for example:

We are developing agent-centric pubs, where an agent would be either a person or an organization.


@joshsharp @mayel

So I have my own personal pub. I work with many organizations. Sometimes I work on projects with many people in more than one organization. The work coordination will need to span all of those instances. I will always be working from my own pub, and everybody else involved will either be working from their personal pub or an actor in multi-user pub.

@bhaugen @mayel aha, I see! Agent-centric seems like a good use-case. Very interesting... Pretty far out of scope for Changemap, which was built to manage public roadmaps for teams, but still a very interesting idea! Perhaps something I could help others with rather than build myself :)

@joshsharp @mayel

When we start to tackle the work coordination problems, I will come back and ask for some help, if that is ok with you.

The plans for work coordination will be shared among all the participants and "stake-holders", but probably no farther than that.

We will want some public publishing opportunities, too, especially for recipes, which might want to be open, forkable, and versioned.

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@joshsharp As a long time bootstrapper I sympathize with your dilemma. I think you're right to consider your financial needs first, and ideal software ethos second.

My view is that it is better to run an ethical profitable business than a FOSS project that doesn't pay and therefore forces you to take work from companies with murky ethics.

You could for example be closed source to start, but put in writing that if you abandon or close shop, you'll release the source.

@hummingrain thanks for asking this, I’ve been looking for good alternatives too, and am happy people are answering!

@hummingrain I was working on something similar, but it's on the back burner just now.

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