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I've managed to work out the last three days in a row and I hope I can keep up the streak. I was catching up my workout journal and realized I'd worked out so few times in the last few weeks.

I more or less like doing it, and it's SUPER good for my mental health, it's just easy to let slip when things are busy, which they very much have been. Still, got annoyed at myself and am trying to prioritize it again!

mental health (mild negative), medication, day job, covid mention 

I've been taking more of my acute case anti-anxiety pills than I'm thrilled about lately.

Like, this is what they're there for. I just wish stuff was less stressful. *glares at Day!Job and pandemic*


She's a good little angry potato of a lizard, but like most lizards she doesn't bond with other creatures socially and now that I give her oral medication every day I'm more The Enemy than I used to be.

I still think she probably likes me better than everyone else, but that's not saying a lot. XD

I need to start food bribing her after each medication session. I don't know if it'll help, but it's worth a shot. Being burrito'ed and given oral meds = bell peppers after seems promising.

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I've also been considering trying to switch my bed and squat rack between the rooms they're currently in, so I'm in a different room than Jabberwocky's enclosure.

I can handle the heat okay, but it's not ideal, and I don't want to make my girlfriend have to deal with it when she sleeps over.

I would feel a little weird about Jabberwocky being in a room I wouldn't frequent as much. But I'm sure she'd just be like "this *rules* the human's gone."

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On the unabashed plus side, apparently the podcast had made her, multiple times, burst out laughing so hard in public people gave her looks.

So that's pretty rad.

Also I might have to work for the next bit to keep making lewd jokes now that I know my Mom's listening. I believe in myself!

It helps that I know my Mom is Cool, or at least cool enough she definitely wouldn't want or expect me to adjust my humor for her sake.

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family, gender, pronouns (neutral, oddly) 

I found out my Mom's actually been listening to my podcast, which means she knows about my pronouns now (and presumably by extension enby-ness, though I think that's less explicit). Because they're literally at the start of every episode, and she's on episode 63.

We weirdly didn't talk about it. I think she might be waiting for me to bring it up. We had a long conversation about other stuff but by the time I worked up the gumption she had to go.

heat/weather, climate change 

I'm trying to avoid my AC this summer, because it's going to eat electricity and I know that plus AC units in general (I think their disposal) isn't great for the environment.

But I don't know how long I'll be able to hold out on that. It seems a waste to already own one and not use it, and things might simply get too hot.

For now I'll lean on my stubborn heat-coping pride from growing up in the California Central Valley. XD

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It's also going to be fucking hot today and this will let me make sure things are set up properly to get my fan up in the window. At least, I hope. The wall outlet there is super loose and temperamental, so I currently have the surge protector hooked into the top slot, because it's a little tighter. But that makes the cable block the bottom slot, and I need both available so I can use one for the fan.

This is also b/c I might swap in my AC unit there at some point.

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dayjob, heat/weather 

Time to spend the first part of my dayjob time rewiring my desk. I gave up on using a separate, ergonomically incredibly-worse table a while back, but haven't really set up my primary desk up properly to comfortably integrate the work stuff. Mainly I should switch my old VGA-based KVM for the HDMI-based one I got from work, as it's going to be more reliable. And I should (I think!) be able to properly get my speakers hooked up to it since I'll be back there anyway.

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Does anyone know of anywhere in the US to buy a sampler pack of N95s or equivalent? My teenager will not tolerate the smell of the Aura (even after airing out), and the model that I know worked has been discontinued. I’d like to get a variety pack to find out what works instead.

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What I'm saying is that modern music compression technology has gotten really really really good.

341 KB for a 3 minute song.

This poster from artvee.com is nearly 4MB.

12 times the storage space as our song.

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My friend is slowly becoming Pretty Late for our board game night.

I'm doing my best to be patient with it, a) because it hasn't been that long yet, and b) I'm late *constantly* and like this beautiful glass house I live in to be intact




🎥 🟥 🟥 🟩 ⬜️ ⬜️ ⬜️


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Chilling waiting for a friend to get online for board games. Next to my monitor on my desk, my work laptop is perched, and I watch our service desk system's sandbox just chug away at doing a test sync.

Will it ever be done? No one knows for sure.

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omg there's a game where you play as a dragon and burn Nazis??

it's only 49 cents and has very positive reviews



Hey, something I stand way more of a chance at than Heardle!


🎥 🟩 ⬜️ ⬜️ ⬜️ ⬜️ ⬜️


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If you’re working on anything that might fit this, you should get it ready. You’ve got a little bit of time :)

RT @sfranews
Special Issue: “Speculative Fiction and Futurism in the Middle East and North Africa” (January 31, 2023)


food, car-related things, finances 

Got donuts this morning. Hopefully a good choice. Certainly tastes good, though I don't think I'm going to get this particular place's maple bars again. (Very sweet, not bad but in a way that's not super for me.)

Also bought gas on the way back because the low tank light was on. Bought exactly $20 worth, aka ~3.3 gallons. Essentially using it as a stall until my rim tape arrives next week and I can actually finally get my bike up and working again.

Apologies for when I suddenly reply to posts of y'all's that are days old. For whatever reason recently when I go into the web version of Mastodon for the first time in a while, it goes and shows posts from days ago and only fetches recent ones as they come in. Which I usually don't catch/remember until I've responded to a few things. >.<

*logs back in after a while*

*finds a post of theirs about the Pulse anniversary from 2019, that was just to add a CW to a quote of someone else's toot, has been boosted a bunch*

Uh, okay then.

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