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what are some good ttrpg systems that are good for like, modern to modernish environments? like dnd but completely missing most of the fantasy trappings but not necessarily the number crunching

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“The Stone Weta” by Octavia Cade is a tiny ray of light in a looming dystopia that is more alluded to than described, very cleverly done and well written: The characters are woman scientists working on ecology and related subjects that directly observe the ongoing environmental catastrophe. They are spread all over the world, in a brave network to keep the data that shows the need to act available, true, and safe, sometimes at immense cost. Go, read/listen to it!

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However Siri pronounced words is, by law, the *correct* way to pronounce them.

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I'm reading the theory and craft of digital Preservation, and even he's talking about clay tablets.

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You're in The Web of the Latte.
The entire area is covered in shadow and loosely scattered boxes are floating around.

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I've found a lot of cool little projects as I was poking around the Web the past few weeks.

One that I like is Splinterlands, a digital collectible trading card game. (Link below is my referral link)

One thing that I really like about it, from a game designer perspective, is how its set itself up to minimize the number of communications needed between players, during match-making and gameplay.

This is the result of a technical constraint of how the game ensures which cards are owned by who and who wins what matches, so its interesting to see how it affects gameplay!

If you like Hearthstone, you might like this!

(You can play a demonstration match for free, but because cards have provable scarcity within the software, it costs ~$10USD to buy your "starter deck.")

Food, insects, kinda gross 

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unforgivable that blockchain blockheads have muscled the crypto abbreviation away from the cryptologists.

the cryptologists should cut a deal with the cryptozoologists and see if they can't get some support from a yeti army or something.

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Weather, Seattle, driving 

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The Politics of Everybody by Holly Lewis 

Me: I wonder if it snowed, I didn't notice any today.

*Looks outside*

*The bushes have a healthy dusting and at least one part of the complex's courtyard is fully covered*

Me: Oh.

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in 1997, Professor Brian Harvey of UC Berkeley published a three-volume set of books that approached teaching computer science via the #Logo #programming language.

That three-volume set is out of print and costs almost a hundred bucks if you can find a paperback copy.

Professor Harvey, however, has supplied copies of all three volumes on his website for personal use, which has been lovingly archived by the Internet Archive.

Volume 1 starts here:

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street fighter ii, bootleg retro games weirdness 

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Registration #A91174 - 1935-10-10
Title: Standard specifications for highway bridges adopted by the American association of state highway officials.
Author: American association of state highway officials.
Claimants: The Association, Amer. assn. of state highway officials.
No renewal record found.

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Giraffe: (gradually gets taller to cronch delicious leaves)
Trees: (get taller)
Giraffe: (becomes taller)
Tree: fuck ahh (grows thorns)
Giraffe: (develops thicker tongue and cheeks)
Tree: oh God oh God (becomes poisonous)
Giraffe: I think you underestimate how much I like leaf
Tree: ಠ_ಠ

Spent some time playing sea of thieves with friends, and then hanging out on a google meet with the same friends + other people. We ended a little earlier than usual, so I'm going to take the time to prep for the podcast game on Tuesday so I'm not doing all my prep the night before and day of.

It's been a long day, and I didn't get as much adulting done as I wanted. But this is shaping up to be a nice evening overall, if I can let myself enjoy it.

food mention, medication 

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Hey you, Pokefan! Does Pokemon Yellow have you feeling blue?
Is Pokemon Go\A or Silver making you see red? Snap out of it
and send us your puzzlers. We’re up to the challenge! Q: I read about the Pokerus a few issues ago, and now I’m
curious. How do you get the Pokerus? What is it?
A: Pokemon science hasn’t been able to uncover all of the secrets

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