I just remembered they ported Starcraft to the N64.

*distant stare*

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I've decided that going forward I will only measure storage memory in blocks, either the gamecube or PSX standard.

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The real story is that ‘developing’ nations have done remarkably better at fighting COVID-19 than the rich and white. The real story starts precisely where the western map ends. Here be dragons. We be dragons.

The real story is that places like Vietnam and Mongolia have completely kicked COVID-19’s ass. The real story is that places like Rwanda and Ghana have innovated and survived. There are countless stories like this — from Sri Lanka to Trinidad & Tobago, but you wouldn’t know because we’re not rich or white. But you should know. Because we’re right. This information could save your life.


(But please keep posting about a vaccine, eating like normal, and relying on your institutions to save you. It'll all work out for you I'm sure.)

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Want to abolish the Electoral College? Easier than you might think.

The National Popular Vote Compact has 195 electoral votes NOW, and states holding another 64 are already considering it. PA, OH, NH, VA, SC, FL: write your state legislators!

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hey, go play Terra Nil, a pay what you want city nature builder about renewing devastated ecological spaces. The stories we listen to and tell each other are important.

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Listening to Greetings, Adventurers!, nee Drunks and Dragons, and someone just said "That was like 8 plans ago, dude," and I've never heard the experience of playing D&D encapsulated more perfectly in a single sentence

If someone would like to just mail me a few 1TB SSDs I wouldn't say no XP

(Okay, I might, but I'd feel silly about it!)

Sigh. Windows 10 boot setup is totally borked. I know where the OS is, all the files are there, but I can't get the EFI set up properly to behave and boot. So I'll probably just need to do a reinstall. Which is no big deal except for needing to yank the hard drive out and back up everything I need off of it. Blergh.

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So I've got my wife's old #iPad 3 here, which can't be updated past iOS 3.9.5... is there /anything/ I can do with it now that it can't run up-to-date apps? Or has #Apple truly banished it to uselessness?

#help #boost

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"Could smart technology save honey bees?"

I can name 10 things that can save honey bees that aren't technology and you're not going to like the answers.

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I'm not saying there needs to be a new #SnakePostOfficePost , just that if there was one, I have an idea

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Job opportunity 

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