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ska Alerts 

The Madness was on a late show recently and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones released a new song. This is a checkered alert. If you have a ska emergency kit, pick it up pick it up

Found Jabberwocky sitting in her food dish yesterday, for no reason I could discern. Also a great photo to show just how long her tail is

taxes (+) 

Taxes filed. Yaaaaay, at least that's done now

Places I've lived, a little mopey, food/drink 

Went to get coffee and pastry in my old neighborhood (Fremont, Seattle) on the way back from the vet. Ended up parking right next to my old apartment building.

Between that and the coffee shop, being reminded that I really miss living here. Moving was the right choice at the time, but I loved that apartment and would go back in an instant if I could.

It wouldn't be the same, of course. But still...

Very cool of my alarm to not go off and my phone to not properly charge last night.

I think this can be recovered from, but bleeeeeh

finances, moving 

Looking for somewhere to move in July (it's like a month too early, I know, but it helps me focus on the fact I'll be getting out of this dang apartment). Shockingly, I now wish I made more money XP

(I'm like <$300/month extra space in my budget, which is already a little high, from being able to greatly expand the choices near me.)


I was pleasantly excited to drink a vaguely fancy root beer (Bedford's) I've had in my fridge for a bit.

I regret to inform you it has an aftertaste not unlike cough syrup. :\

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"This is the only time in my entire programming life that I've debugged a problem caused by quantum mechanics."

My Hardest Bug Ever, by Dave Baggett:

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[joke] I heard a youtuber created a new blind subscription box that will deliver symbiotic fungi to your door every month! 

It's called Lichen Subscribe

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hey all, here's a new computer thing I made! it's called the Nonsense Laboratory, and it's a series of weird little tools for manipulating the spelling and sound of words with machine learning:

it's part of a series of projects launched yesterday showing the outcomes of the Artists + Machine Intelligence grant program, which you can learn more about here:

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Data leaks left, right and centre, data leaks every other week. 🌊 We're all affected.

But what do tech companies themselves think about the privacy of their users? We surveyed 130+ companies. Here is what we learnt. Many insights here. ✨

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A particular culture had the custom of curse tablets: wishes or prayers that someone else would come to harm, inscribed in wood, stone, or clay that was later fired. As an offering to ensure that the curse came true, the curser encased the tablets in thin precious metals - usually silver, sometimes gold. Unfortunately, the metal was typically so thin that it would sometimes tear between the time it was applied and the time the tablet was offered, and torn metal was a bad omen. Since repairing or replacing the metal was beyond the means or skill of many cursers, one man - skilled in manipulation of metal - opened a business returning the metal on curse tablets to its original condition to propitiate the beings enforcing the curse.

Of course, he hung a tile outside his shop: "Curses, Foiled Again".

Mental health negative, pet health oddness/negative 

I'm also super hoping whatever it turns out to be isn't my fault. I feel like my husbandry could be better, so I feel really guilty whenever she gets sick and blame myself. And if the accidental wood snack and an infection aren't the issue, there's less of a chance there's something obvious I could have done different. But I'm still worried about it.

I guess I'll find out on Saturday, maybe :\

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Mental health negative, pet health oddness/negative 

I hope we can figure out what it is. She might just be getting old and arthritic. Apparently her calcium and phosphorus were a little off, but within normal levels. So I dunno.

But it caused me to, like, lock up for a while just now. I'm worried and now that there's no probable explanation I'm not sure how to handle it.

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Mental health negative, pet health oddness/negative 

So, my iguana ate a small piece of wood from her enclosure last week, which I found after she pooped it out. Took her to the vet. They gave her an exam and determined there didn't seem to be an impaction or blockage. But because she'd been lethargic and not basking lately, they wanted to check for infection.

Call today: no infection. So next up is radiology/x-rays to see if something's up they can see there besides her already-bizarre skeleton.

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amazing that our government is still denying the existence of sexy mermen

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Scientists have confirmed the existence of attractive mermen who just want to hang out with you and watch movies

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Hey does anyone know of / can anyone recommend services that normalize searching for terms or listening across social networks as an API? ie, make an API request that gives me “all hits for a search term” across twitter, insta, etc.

day job, food, money (what a trifecta) 

Just have zero energy for the day job today. I haven't been drinking coffee for a few months, but now have the urge to order a delivery iced coffee. Which would a) probably be overpriced and generally financially irresponsible, and b) might mess up my system.

And yet...

minor griping 

Me: I will get a subscription to the Sunday newspaper so I stop having to go to the store just to get it to use as lining for my iguana's enclosure. *subscribes*

Newspaper: *fails to be delivered two weeks in a row*

Me: You had one job

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