@irisjaycomics Sure! I'll email you in the next week to coordinate our next convo

also, as I'm in a shitposting mood, I want to contribute this to my timeline: gay

in case anyone was wondering what sent me puttering back here: too many bad takes on twitter

a rare occurence, I know

@irisjaycomics thank you!! glad to be back until I inevitably disappear again

also, this is definitely not the preferred channel for this but here we are: your trip is this month, yes?

@Satsuma giant mixed bag that skews faintly positive, I think?

I have a lot to do, and have none of the time to do it, but I'm not, like, fatally wounded, so!

thank you for asking!

I always do!!! just at increasingly more infrequent intervals

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@Satsuma what a wonderful bouquet of flowers! thank you for the pictures

@koosli oh wow, what an interesting and beautiful specimen that is

@bluedelliquanti I read this in the voice of the Plants vs. Zombies sunflower

a good floral friend, so tall and powerful!

a question for anyone who wishes to answer!! what's your favorite flower

I don't need to be "impressed" for it to be a good match, of course, and first impressions are hardly are a comprehensive basis for understanding someone

but just once I would like to feel like "wow, he immediately feels like a good match for her" and instead of "well, if she's happy with him, I guess!"

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Reflecting on every time I've met a female friend's boyfriend/fiance for the first time, and I don't think I've ever once felt "impressed"

body/diet/office talk 

@dani that's the non-cursed version of this conversation!! I like that one

I feel like Wandering Shop is a very thoughtful instance, and I'm happy to make my proverbial home here

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