a question for anyone who wishes to answer!! what's your favorite flower

@honestlyjon roses, morning glory, tiger lily, lily of the valley

@honestlyjon me too! I wish I weren't so allergic to them IRL.

@bluedelliquanti I read this in the voice of the Plants vs. Zombies sunflower

a good floral friend, so tall and powerful!

@honestlyjon peonies! A hundred others besides, like crocuses and snowdrops for promising spring before winters finally over, and all the fruit trees (apple and peach and cherry and dogwood) for the promise of later fruit, or redbuds which taste crisp and sweet when you eat em, and pansies for being just so damn cheerful all the time but the sweet smelling, hundred petaled peony is still my favorite of them all

@Satsuma what a wonderful bouquet of flowers! thank you for the pictures

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