Reflecting on every time I've met a female friend's boyfriend/fiance for the first time, and I don't think I've ever once felt "impressed"


I don't need to be "impressed" for it to be a good match, of course, and first impressions are hardly are a comprehensive basis for understanding someone

but just once I would like to feel like "wow, he immediately feels like a good match for her" and instead of "well, if she's happy with him, I guess!"

@honestlyjon Ooof, yeah. I think the closest I've gotten to that feeling was with my sister's now-husband. But it'd be nice to be more super-excited for my friends and family in this kind of situation... :\

@honestlyjon *witnessing*

We want the best for our friends, but it's so hard sometimes - pressure to form a couple despite everything is very high. I'd been accused of "being picky" (well, *duh* was my reply), but in the end, it all worked out.

@honestlyjon I feel this way often with friends, regardless of gender. Or when meeting a couple, it's rare that I like both of them equally.

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