#seattle News reports violence while security cameras show peace.

An aspect of my day is that the NYT wrote an article about Trump that involved quotes about MetaFilter, the site I own and run, from the former owner who hasn't worked there for five years. (Not his fault, he's the founder and people know his name. But he pointed reporter to me and they didn't reach out.)

More to the point, I know of this article but can't actually READ it because of the NYT paywall.

This is the least bad thing of the bad things I care about today but fuckin' hell y'all.


Apparently it's World Goth Day today on the radio? Getcher New Order and Siouxsie fix! Listening to here in on an .

Some of you people actually think Microsoft isn't going to screw you over and it shows

from birbsite and the Emergency #Food Network,

This Thursday, May 14th at 11 am EFN will join the #WAState Potato Commission at the #Tacoma Dome to hand out 200,000 pounds of processing potatoes to community members. Potatoes will be distributed in 20lb bags and be loaded directly into cars to ensure social distancing.


King County info on face coverings for Deaf/HoH (video) 

The UNESCO and Jean Michel Jarre want to start a conversation about... perpetual copyright. Nice.


🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔

Recent : _A Week at the Airport_, Alain de Botton. I picked up this short book last year when doing a bunch of traveling, just got around to reading it. Observations and vignettes from a week spent as a "writer in residence" at a Heathrow terminal. Charming and occasionally insightful. Would recommend.

Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network (pls boost) 

The idea is now a thing! Future cherry tomatoes in the basement thanks to an old ice cream bucket, a little air pump I wasn't using, and some aquatic plant baskets left over from setting up my aquarium. Yup, crap I had lying around is now a super cool homemade hydroponic tank. 👍 #diy #growYourOwnFood #gardening #veggieGarden

Escape Pod did it again. Episode 724, "The Season of the Storm" (Author: Jonathan Edelstein; Narrator: Maxine Moore), served up some classic, old-school Sci-Fi for our current age. They gave me 1960s space-race history, future space-faring Zambians, scientific wonder, , , and smart people using to think their way out of problems.

More please.



Language in the wild: "infected people have shown symptoms after weeks of being asymptotic".

it was a beautiful day in seattle yesterday. decided to walk to the park and smoke (assumed it would be empty)

instead there was a ragtag brass band with people spread out in the park (more than 6ft, no large groups)

#seattle #music

(i didnt smoke, too many kids)

A Seattle live music website is now listing ALL of the livestreams and rebroadcasts, anywhere in the world, that they find out about:


Go find something amazing to listen to!

sokoban “warehouse keeper” on ssh 3b2@sdf.org AT&T 3b2/500 running svr3 pretending to move computers around #unix #ascii #gaming #puzzle #倉庫番 #terminal #vt100 #retro #vcf #vcfpnw #vintage #computing #quarantine

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