France got almost no love, but I thought they were excellent. They hit almost all my favorite Eurovision song elements, including the weird ones.

- Singing in a language that isn’t English
- Singing in an endangered language!!!
(Seriously, I cannot overstate how cool it was to hear them rocking out in Breton.)
- Mixed genres, with interesting use of folk influence
- Close harmony performed live 😍
- Good ensemble energy
- Catchy and danceable

@hanne My only complaint was that the first half of the song and the last half of the song weren't different enough, it could have used a bigger boost in the second half to make it even more fun, but that's in the context of Eurovision, I really enjoyed the song and the staging by itself. :D

@redthewizard You’re completely right, the one huge point it didn’t hit was “an epic new thing happens in the second half.”

@hanne Agreed! I voted for France, I liked it a lot. :D

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