How many tabs do you usually have open at one time?

remembering my coworker who used to have 143 tabs open at any given time.

he had a whole system and such. I asked why he didn't use bookmarks; he looked me dead in the eye and said, "Bookmarks are for nerds."

on that day, I learned I was a nerd.

anyway I usually have maybe 4-5 open at any given time, unless I'm writing a grant, and then lolsob it's like 50+.

genuinely surprised that there's no one that's between 25-50 🤔

@hafnia More tabs for work, monitoring, &c. If I have more then ten open for anything else I get stressed out

@hafnia Good call. I used to have a URL shortener that I liked and I used that as a bookmarker. At some point it broke though, and I never bothered to fix it. I should do that one of these days, it was really handy

@hafnia Since I usually have multiple browsers open, counting all the open tabs in all of them is easily over 50.
During a recent video chat, my brother noticed how many tabs his wife had opened and asked me to explain to her why this is bad.
I looked at all the tabs I had open and said, well ... there are different schools of thought about open tabs ...

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