Once again I feel a need to remind people: the best coffee-making method is whatever gives you a cup of coffee you like.

@pagrus not on here, but yeah. Chemex evangelist telling someone they need to give up the ease of a programmable coffee maker making the "quality over quantity and ease :blobuwu:" argument.

the person he's arguing with is a cancer patient and he knows this.

@hafnia I mean, I like the taste of Chemex filters too but it's not for everyone

@pagrus it's not even the flavor thing, it's that they specifically asked for recommendations for programmable coffee makers and this is what he came out swinging with.

...because they or their roommate usually have the wherewithal to program the coffee maker before they go to bed and it guarantees that they can have coffee in the morning before they're feeling up to making it.

but okay, sure, let's ignore that and go with a system that makes it into a fucking ritual.

@hafnia But yeah, replying with an answer like that is super douche

@pagrus haha, fair enough, I wondered

seriously, why are people so up in arms about Chemex???? is it just the whole, "it was DESIGNED by a CHEMIST so it must be SCIENTIFIC and therefore GOOD?" bc. the body on it leaves something to be desired, at least for me. if I'm gonna fuss that much about making a cup of coffee I want it to be better than that.

@hafnia Well I wasn't really joking entirely, the chemex filters do impart a flavor.

I have a Chemex and I like it but mainly because you can appreciate the color of the coffee and the thing itself looks cool. I bring it out when I need to make more than one cup at once, so basically never these days.

It's not really that much of a fuss but the real attraction to me is industrial design. It doesn't produce coffee that's all that much different from any other pourover imo

@hafnia And don't get me started on V60 or any of that nonsense

@pagrus haaaaaaaaaa, oh glob the pour-over wars. I just remember someone telling me very sadly that they hope I enjoyed inferior coffee because I use a Melitta for camping.


@pagrus I think my opinion was invalidated a long time ago because once I grew past the age of, like, 20, I realized that black coffee was kind of meh and I like mine with sugar and something to whiten it.

I drink it black now when I'm putting rum or something in it, but in general, nah.

@hafnia Honestly I don't care how much of a coffee snob you think you are, unless you are some kind of supertaster you will not notice or appreciate the difference between V60, Melitta, or Bee House pourover

@pagrus people want to believe that whatever they're using is better than the Melitta I paid like $6 for, though, because they paid many times more than $6 for their setup.

it's the whole thing about how you have to suffer to really enjoy something -- see: coffee, tea, baked goods, etc. if you don't Do It Yourself and Suffer Virtuously, can you really enjoy it?

@hafnia I do like my Bee House drippers, they come in fun colors and feel nice, plus they are heavier and tip over less easily than a plastic dripper if you are clumsy like me.

It's possible that they help regulate the temperature of the coffee if you preheat them like I do out of habit, but I certainly couldn't tell the difference.

@hafnia Plus the surface is probably easier to clean and possibly less likely to absorb oils/odors than plastic but I don't know where I fall on that

@hafnia But again, at the end of the day if you are happy with the coffee you make with whatever equipment you have that's all that matters

@hafnia I will say that spending money on a grinder is going to give you the most bang for your buck, quality wise, but I feel like we had this discussion already

@hafnia Yeah I mean really any burr grinder is going to be fine unless you're making espresso. I have one of the cheapest ones you can get and it's great

@hafnia Espresso is another whole can of worms though, I don't bother trying to do that at home

@pagrus @hafnia We bought an automatic espresso machine and it was honestly the best investment for us. Fill with beans and water, push button, coffee comes out.

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@pagrus paper filter is going to take care of that, I think. :)

@pagrus fair enough! I've tried it and was like, "I don't get the fuss behind this", but I am not a Coffee Snob so idk man.

@hafnia @pagrus Chemex gives a very clean cup, in a way that nothing else really does. People who really like that (or who mostly like coffees that benefit a lot from it) are understandably excited to have a way to get it. The evangelism/snobbery comes from confusing their personal taste with objective quality.

For extra fun, watch Chemex superfans claim a particular coffee is a bad coffee when it's actually just not well-suited to their favorite extraction method :blobcoffeegrump:

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