Hello all! In the interest of finding out how the Fedi skews, I want to run another age poll. Please pick the decade that you fall in (there are two polls; if you don't belong in the first, you may belong in the second).

Boosts welcome and encouraged!

Age poll pt. 2! Again, this may not apply to you (refer to previous toot if it doesn't).

wow, people are being surprisingly nasty about this. kind of regret that it's set to run for 3 days!

between the two polls we're at roughly 1500 people, so, uh, what instance should I move to after I kill this account?

(mostly kidding. mostly...)

@hafnia So here's a question, did people who angrily replied about there being no option for 50+ vote in the 40s?

@pagrus they seem to have primarily replied or DMed me telling me to go fuck myself

lewd joke 

@pagrus I mean, I don't have to be told to go fuck myself, that's my idea of a good time, but they were quite irate about the whole business!

lewd joke 

@pagrus I explained all of this to the husband and he merely nodded sagely before telling me that people get weird about age.

lewd joke 

@hafnia Which, ultimately you proved, coincidentally especially since the original ruminating was about how I don't feel old? In that way?

lewd joke 

@pagrus yeah, that seems to be the main consensus here.

@pagrus having watched results roll in as people got pissy with me, though: no, people mostly just didn't engage with the poll itself beyond telling me I'm a miserable human being.

there is some...strange psychology stuff going on here that I'm not bored enough to delve into, tbh.

@moiety that's the thing that makes me shake my head - - you have to read the text to even know it's about age, and said text makes it clear that it's split into two different options.

P sure people are just looking for an excuse to yell at a stranger, and that's weird to me. @pagrus

@hafnia @moiety @pagrus i’m sorry that once again people are being themselves online ):

@hafnia wait what the hell, why were people being nasty about something so... benign?

@Felthry It's clear in the replies, I think -- people didn't read the text on the poll or did not understand that it was split in two, and decided to lash out at me, including namecalling and the like both in replies and through DM.

@hafnia ugh, fuck that

i probably can't see most of the replies from here as this is a whitelist instance, so i didn't see anyone being nasty and just one person who misunderstood but wasn't being rude about it

@Felthry yeah, there's at least one that was pretty unpleasant in the replies here, from an instance that tbh my instance should have blocked! (But I'm not an admin, so :) )

@hafnia Okay but where are the options for the people under 50? Unbelievable. And no, I refuse to read! :ms_XD_tongue:

@hafnia well obviously i’d prefer you stay here :)

But if I ever jump ship it’ll be to a server running the hometown fork tbh (prob either rage.love or weirder.earth)

@Satsuma the experience yesterday with instances that should have been blocked by the admins made me really think about moving, honestly. Like...a lot of the "bad replies" and DMs were from instances that have already been blocked by more proactive admins :(

@Satsuma but yeah, hometown is appealing and I defs agree with the moderation of both instances named. I guess I'd like to jump ship to somewhere stable where I feel like my posts fit into the greater instance timeline. I post unlisted most of the time because I don't really feel like I gel with the overall feeling I get from the local tl, heh

@hafnia yeah i like the people here which is why i haven't moved, but i've also noticed that the shops moderation tends to be on the slower side

@hafnia @Satsuma I’m not sure we have an overall instance feel at this point. I keep meaning to go fire up an alt at weirder.earth.

@edebill @hafnia i'd say we still have an unusually high concentration of writers compared to your average instance?

i think a lot of the people who shaped the shop's local culture aren't around anymore tho, either bc they've left fedi or moved instances or whatever

@Satsuma @hafnia could be, and I’m a reader not a writer - but I find that writers are good people to be around.

@hafnia @Satsuma So FYI there are tools you can use to block instances on an account level. Might be worth considering.

(not a substitute for proper moderation, but it does help)

@Doephin I'm very aware (see note in my pinned notes about instances I have silenced) -- my issue was that some of these are ones that literally hadn't come across my radar before but which are apparently mentioned on the Fediblock list, something that the admins have said they pay attention to (but which they're slow to update for, which makes sense considering the moderation tools are "eh") @Satsuma

@hafnia Could you post the full results please? I can only see the 50+ poll, and I'm interested in seeing the full profile of voters. 👍

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