Friendly reminder that the Geek Social Fallacies exist, and are worth reading through if you feel like an "outsider", simply because they help provide context for why social interactions can go bad, and help you maintain healthy boundaries (and a good friend group) into the future:

This is not a subtoot and not aimed at anyone in particular -- I read through them earlier today as I was trying to explain to a friend of mine why it's okay that they don't want to include The Guy Who Never Has Anything Nice To Say in (virtual) tabletop sessions.

Not everyone has to be friends! It's okay if certain people aren't included in certain activities! Exclusion is painful but not evil.

@hafnia these geek fallacies also help to explain why being a geek/nerd doesn't necessarily make you better or that much different from say, other stereotypical highschool groups.

@hafnia I've seen the one about not excluding people result in a group living with someone that none of them liked. Gradually everyone but the person who was disliked just moved out because they couldn't stand his behaviour.

@Galdrakinn yup, it's ruined a few game groups I've been part of in the past. Realizing what was happening and that it was OK to simply not invite that person (they knew why!) changed the way I handle friendships, for the better.

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