Seriously side eyeing every white person hiding behind, "but I have [mental health issue here]!" as to why they can't possibly lift a finger to do anything.

Like yeah, so do a lot of POC. no one is asking you to be perfect or to engage all the time, we're asking you to step up and do what you can with what you have.

Like, fucksake, saying that you can't read or watch videos about how to be a better ally is hiding behind white fragility disguised as self-care.

This is a BIG FUCKING PROBLEM on the Fediverse in particular. Like hmm, you have the time to write a handwringing plea asking POC to CW for racism, but you can't be assed to even do basic shit like signal boost posts of actions people can take without needing to protest? fucksake, do better.


For every white person who reads this:

CALL IT OUT WHEN YOU SEE IT. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU ARE UNIQUELY POISED TO DO AS AN ALLY. No subtoots, just fucking reply to them saying hey, not cool.

It is quite literally the least you can do.

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