For the perhaps five people that haven't heard about this yet: if you are in the US, the Murderbot books will be free to download this week, one per day, starting today with All Systems Red:

@hafnia Also available in Canada (except Québec). Apparently not available in Puerto Rico, which is mysterious.

#murderbot #scifi

@hafnia This whole series is so so good! One of my favorite comfort reads.

@janellecshane I love them, and I've been recommending them to lots of people during quarantine. I'm really happy that they're making them available for free!

@AspiringLuddite yup, tried to make that clear in the original post. I love the book club but it's not global, alas

I paid full retail for them, mostly hardcover, and they're mostly only about 170 pages or so each.

They're fun reads, and usually expensive, so this sounds like a really good deal.

@justjohn I picked them up from the library. I haven't had a chance to read the latest one yet, so I'm stoked. :)

@hafnia Such a good series. I started buying hardback copies from the second book onward.

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