Switching to something a little more lighthearted -- question of the day:

What's the last thing you did that you're proud of?

(Boosts, etc, are welcome -- if you reply you'll guaranteed to get a reply from me telling you I think it's cool, too. <3 )

@hafnia Proud of finally stretching/challenging myself to do more cursive shodō. It's a lot of fun, even if a lot of what I do doesn't measure up to what I was *trying* to do.

And sometimes, it even can look nice?

@OldBrushNewPaper this is awesome! if you're comfortable with it, you should share some pictures :D

@hafnia I will, but probably tomorrow, since it's kinda evening here.

I spent today pulling apart my "Japanese" cabinet (where I keep nearly all of my textbooks and references) - and, it *needed* it.

Not everything has gone back. And tomorrow I'll have to do things like sort through tons of crap, challenging myself not to keep too much, yet not throw away too much either.

@hafnia on saturday i removed the transmission valve body from my car! (as prep for testing and replacing dead shift solenoids; my car is stuck in neutral as of last week)

@cascode oof, good for you! I can change my own oil and diagnose problems, and that's about as much as I'm willing to do myself. (My dad's a mechanic, and I've seen other people with my level of expertise screw up their cars, so I'm always afraid to do more...)

Transmission problems are always a nightmare. Good on you for fixing it!

@hafnia thanks! i have not yet gotten to the part where i fix it, but, keeping my fingers crossed

@cascode I'll be rooting for you. Here's hoping it goes smoothly!

@hafnia Proud of being able to explain to my partner that I have a lot of deep-seated shame surrounding "being a messy person".

@Creaturista oh MAN, I feel that. I'm glad that you're at a point where you are able to talk about it, even if it's painful! <3

@hafnia it's not horribly impressive, but I'm starting to redirect nervous phone game-playing energy into doing flashcards as my teaching has been suspended!

@verity hey, being able to actually FOCUS is amazing! (I am defs not able to focus on work right now, lol.) I commend your ability to get shit done! <3

@hafnia <3 my focus is all over the shop (esp last week, eesh) but one step at a time!!

@hafnia I made some lentil stew for lunch today. My family all ate it.

@dantebrevity Ooh, nice! Always good to feel appreciated, and good cooking is always great!

@hafnia I sent an email I was scared of. I had to use my words, I didn't want to, I put it off, but I finally did it.

@hafnia planting seeds!! it always feels so good to be part of a plants life cycle like hello little babies im here to help u grow!! 🌱

@hafnia After a week of not working out because Corona is depressing, I did two small home-workouts today!

@Corina That's great! Exercise helps complete the stress cycle, and in times like this, that's vital. I should probably do some myself...

@hafnia I fixed the bathroom exhaust fan. I think that might be the last thing that is "broken" around the house...

@hafnia /Most/ recent was going for a jog today, but bigger than that was completing a nonlinear essay thing!

- 🐍 🐲

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