Life Protip: avoid needlessly gendered language when teaching by referring to all of your students as "people of Earth", for example: "Welcome to lecture, people of Earth"

If someone says they're not "of Earth", apologize profusely and ask them kindly where they're from so you can update your greeting by saying what system everyone is from

This probably reads as a joke but I legitimately used to open my lectures this way

It gets laughs and makes students who would otherwise feel excluded by saying something limited feel comfortable in your classroom

Also v good for proctoring exams, etc


we will totally do that next time we have to speak in public, thank you! :3

@CoronaCoreanici @hafnia @Canageek I've been using "gentlebeings" for a couple of years. It always seems to go over well.

@CoronaCoreanici @hafnia @Canageek

i think it works better with a disdainful Ferengi intonation:

"Good afternoon, HU-mans."

@hafnia I don't like the group noun "people", I prefer "program" for myself.

@mdhughes I actually had a student sass me about that, so for one class I modified it to "hello and welcome to the lecture, sentient beings"

@hafnia Closer. Sentient is just having senses, so sure? But sapient is probably the best word.

@mdhughes I'll keep that in mind should I ever be fortunate enough to find myself teaching again :)

@hafnia I guess 'beings' instead og 'people' might be more inclusive towards #otherkin too?

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