buncha friends are wringing their hands because they did not realize, as children, that all their favorite Disney movies are racist but they're now being forced to confront it thanks to Disney+, meanwhile I'm sitting over here like "and that's why I hate everything Disney, the racism and the copyright fuckery"



Conservatives love Disney. Why?

Because Disney teaches the values that they preach: family is important, perhaps above all, strong emphasis on traditional marriage (esp. between Very Young people), and fear of the "other".

It's not subtle, either. Classic Disney -- hell, even a lot of shit from the so-called Disney Renaissance -- strongly reinforces the fear and hatred of anything coded as "other" -- queer, nonwhite, etc.

for fuck's sake, the Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp had fucking buck teeth. we decry Breakfast at Tiffany's for being horribly, horribly racist, but we conveniently forget about Disney because it's part of Beloved Childhood Memories.

spoiler alert: they're only "beloved childhood memories" if you're white. swear to glob, I grew up knowing that I was never gonna be a Disney princess and I HATED those movies because of it.

truly, Disney is white supremacy codified as "media for children". gotta uphold the beauty standard and the idea that unless you're white/cis/straight (or act like it, barf), you're relegated to being either the ridiculous sidekick or the remarkably unsympathetic villain.

there's a few exceptions to the rule, and sure, they've been changing...but not fast enough, and there's a lot of sins to atone for.

@hafnia and the exceptions are, one after another, calculated moves for maximum profit?

@it_wasnt_arson more or less, yeah. trying to capture more of the market and all that, figuring out what does and doesn't sell.

unfortunately for them they don't seem to understand what people want, so...well...

@hafnia Disney made Pocahontas and didn't even think twice about it.

There only good thing about Disney is furry bait. Seriously, Ratigan X Basil is the most sizzling hot furry ship you could think of.

@hafnia They fuckin know its racist as hell too, and still can't outright admit it (attached screenie from D+ entry for Lady and the Tramp). Like, this warning isn't on Cinderella, so what's "may" about it?

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