Nothing quite like waking up from a dream in which you had to do tech support for one of the lab computers bc it was full of snakes

Frantically downloading anti-virus software onto a flash drive, deleting stuff from C:\, and hearing the gentle hiss of a bunch of garter snakes reinstalling everything...

Calling the actual tech support people and having them refer me to a veterinarian...

The snakes had downloaded every toolbar known to humanity and were hellbent on keeping them all.

Also, Bonzi Buddy.

@hafnia They just didn't want disssssruptionsssss to their workflowsssss. (Bad snakes. No toolbars for you)

@hafnia I'm here to foster dream-snake sympathy, all day every day. ;)

@hafnia And I appreciate you and your dream snakes. 💤 🐍 ❤️

@hafnia OMG! Bonzi Buddy just makes it! (I haven't thought about that in *ages*)

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