At the store, buying stuff for the trip, the partner commented that he needs to pick up bodywash, "when we get back."

"Oh, we can get it now, unless you'd rather wait..."

"Nah, it's fine, I'll keep using yours and smell like a piece of fruit."


"You hadn't noticed?"


"I smell like pomegranates :blobowo:"

@hafnia good smell choice imo. something relaxing about pomegranates.

@VyrCossont haha, thank you! it was the cheapest one they had that doesn't irritate my skin :x

@hafnia Does your fella also forget to bring his own toothbrush?

And you get to flourish a second, still-in-the-package one, saying, "Here you go, *dear*."

Ha! Nah. He's good at remembering stuff. This was more a, "we'd have to go to a different store to get the kind I like, and I don't want to" deal

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