Beginning to think I should get, "SCIENCE IS NOT OBJECTIVE" tattooed across my forehead...


"We have to do what science tells us!"

Yeah, and that's a quick way to do bad science.

Bias affects everything.

Testing conditions affect everything. You can correct for some stuff; other stuff, your best hope is to study how it affects the system and pray that you get it right.

But 'objective' and 'unchanging' and 'correct' are not words we should be using to describe science, thanks.

Really tho if you want an excellent example of how science is affected by bias, check out James Watson.

I'm just saying.

@hafnia I like the concept from some of the replicability literature of "researcher degrees of freedom"--bias, use of convenience samples, tendency to p-hack, etc.

@hafnia tbh, kindah think it shouldn't it describe anything in that case though? I mean, fair enough...

No, but we're especially fond of using it to describe science, especially the physical sciences.

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