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Account (now) locked to prevent spam follows. Will allow anyone to follow as long as they're obviously not a spambot. :)

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will admit that saying "I'm not bent on destroying the planet" feels odd in light of the 20 KILOWATT LASER I apparently am now responsible for setup of.

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I keep seeing a lot of apologies for not being interesting or funny or positive, and I just wanna say:

You are a person, not a brand. You do not need to be consistently anything but yourself. If you need to take a break, that's OK. We're all people, we'll understand.

mental health 

mental health 

Me: y'all

Somebody: oh are you from Texas

Me: no I'm from online

I do not share this as a, "Man, I am so Cool and have such a Cool career", I share this as a, "yeah, if I overheard me, I'd make fun of me too".

"The email was all device physics, which I won't go into the details of, but it was basically reassuring me that my understanding of something was correct, which was all I wanted, so..."

sometimes I say things and I'm like, "this is why people think I'm a jerk"


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Honestly Public Universal Friend sounds like too much pressure. The most I could manage would be Public Universal Acquaintance

Tho some part of me does wonder if it's not extremely subtle and biting satire...

I refuse to take prescriptivist grammatical/spelling advice from anyone, but I doubly refuse to take it from people who routinely misspell common words in their posts about The One True Way.

This is a joke 

stop telling other people how to spell their own name lol

Whenever someone says someone or something "went the way of the dinosaurs", I always want to answer, "It/they turned into birds?"

My goal in life continues to be becoming a Studio Ghibli protagonist.



Loki is dreaming about the birds outside and how crunchy they would be #ChristmasWishes

Look what I'm working on today! Gay 90's is from 1970. Its official theme is the 1890's but any other interpretations are also valid as heck.

🎶unless the person was famous before transition🎶
🎶there's literally no reason to ever include a deadname in a Wikipedia article🎶

Those of you who don't do the #gender binary and were looking for something your niblings could call you—I found it. I finally found it!


And I am officially adopting this one. 🙌

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