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Silenced Instances 


If you are trying to get my attention and I don't respond to you, you have two options:

1). If we're mufos: send me a DM with what it's about and I'll get back to you.

2). If we're not mufos: verify that I don't have your instance silenced, then ping me again.

Current instances silenced (in addition to those silenced by

If your instance is silenced, I will not see your post.

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Time to do this again, I suppose...

Hello! Yes, my account is locked. I will probably approve your follow request if:

-your bio is filled out and mentions something other than what languages you code in/how much you love Linux
-you have some posts on your account that are not you "well, actually..."ing other people
-you have a profile picture that's not a random anime girl (picrew and the like are okay)

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that thread about DARVO 

I said earlier that I'd talk about this, so.

It's important to know what DARVO is and how it's used as a tool to bully people into silence/complicity in bad behavior.

DARVO is an acronym. It stands for:

Reverse Victim and Offender.

It is a technique that is used by abusive people to cover up their abuse.

It is incredibly common. Knowing how to spot it is key.

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Everyone is some percentage of goblin, werewolf, or vampire, no exceptions

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I keep seeing a lot of apologies for not being interesting or funny or positive, and I just wanna say:

You are a person, not a brand. You do not need to be consistently anything but yourself. If you need to take a break, that's OK. We're all people, we'll understand.

Well, that's it -- everything requested and moved over! I'm about to put up a redirect notice here, but in the meantime: if you want to find me, same handle, is the new instance.

And if you got a request from that account, tada, that's why!


Well, it's been a nice run. Moving accounts. I'm over at

Expect a follow request at some point :)

Her tail really is very thick. It's not all angle here. What she lacks in leg she makes up in tail.

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Suppose I've been softened up enough, must have good gluten development by now, pass the windowpane test: she's stopped kneading.

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doesnt open til june 2021, & you dont have to be in the US to apply but you must get the procedure done in the US

We accept applications for any gender-affirming procedure. If this surgery is necessary to your transition, you are welcome to apply.

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As a part of our mission to improve the health and well-being of the people in the communities we serve, BTMI is offering a grant of up to $1000 to assist with the financial obligation for undergoing elective gender affirming top surgery for Black and African American trans men.

Dog drool 

When we go for walks, Izzy sniffs things A Lot, which produces ropes of the sticky stuff. Then she keeps snuffling at dried leaves with gross but hilarious consequences. (Fortunately, she does not drool this way at home!) #GreatDaneProblems

Pokemon the Fourth and Fifth
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Minor Fall and Pokemon Let's Go, the Major Lift!
Pokemon Ultra the Baffled King and Ultra Hallelujah

"I’m sorry to be rude or flippant, but the next time someone tells me that my demonstrably different brain chemistry can be solved by a quick shift in socioeconomic policy, I’m going to unhinge my jaw like a fucking rancor and swallow them whole. There is no utopian vision of a communist society where developmental and learning disabilities cease to exist. Any suggestion that a post-capitalist revolution will eradicate the otherness is bordering on genocidal fan fiction"

I feel like someone is gonna pop up and tell Ted he's ugly but he's my excellent old man cat.

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Downstairs (summer) office desk installed. MVP version. Load testing results are in.


nothing lewd, nothing good, just whatever is currently on loop.

just imagine paying to view all of my locked toots but somehow more boring :blobuwu:

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onlyfans, except it's just me posting all the weird shit that pops into my head.


but, yeah, okay. I wrote the broader impacts and got the updated version sent out (AGAIN), and then I immediately had a Coke and bourbon because I am Classy AF.

and now I am definitely tipsy. so that's nice too, I guess.

but the way I wrote it makes it sound like I only hire my fellow Indigenous people, which is hilarious bc I have had roughly zero oversight in hiring. the one guy we've hired, we hired because we both knew him and liked him, and that he's also Indigenous was just a, "huh, there are DOZENS OF US"

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ugh, I wrote an incredibly cursed broader impacts section about how we practice beyond colorblindness in hiring and focus not on applicants' educational background but on things such as soft skills and team fit.

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