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I keep seeing a lot of apologies for not being interesting or funny or positive, and I just wanna say:

You are a person, not a brand. You do not need to be consistently anything but yourself. If you need to take a break, that's OK. We're all people, we'll understand.

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Awkward is loving something, boosting it, commenting that you love it, and then not thinking before you link it at yr non-Masto friends who are going to creep yr profile and be weird, so hastily deleting yr reply and hoping that they didn't see it before they looked at yr link.


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I've been meaning to update mine for a while anyway, so part 2!

She/her, queer, Chicana, partnered, feminist. PhD in materials chemistry, now working as a postdoc in materials science and trying to launch a startup.


Loves: good urban fantasy, friendly people

Hates: racists, TERFs/SWERFs, alt-righters (see: first entry in list), people who insist on calling me by my full (HORRIBLE) name


If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to w...

Actually? Don’t go to the Bay Area. This is not a place of honor. Nothing valued is here. What is here is dangerous and repulsive to us.

Urban leftists: haha rural populations are a lost cause, it's their fault for embracing right-wing policies anyway
Me: *angrily pulls out a banjo and the sheet music for Solidarity Forever*

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Here's to automatic soap dispensers that take just long enough to respond that you figure it must be broken or out, so you'll use the other one, but as soon as you move your hand, it squirts soap on the floor.

Today's unsolicited business advice has been "you are running a business you can't be nice all the time" :blimey:... I think you'll find I can pff

get in the car loser, were loving and supporting each other in our endeavors

** Help! I have a reader on Google+ who wants to follow me on Mastodon from Hubzilla, but can't see any of my posts from there. Any advice? **

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