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will admit that saying "I'm not bent on destroying the planet" feels odd in light of the 20 KILOWATT LASER I apparently am now responsible for setup of.

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I keep seeing a lot of apologies for not being interesting or funny or positive, and I just wanna say:

You are a person, not a brand. You do not need to be consistently anything but yourself. If you need to take a break, that's OK. We're all people, we'll understand.

it seems like we like the idea of supporting schizo/psychotic spectrum people in general but don't know how to do it in specific terms. what's something you wish people knew about you or the way your brain works/processes things? how are you best supported?

My body is a temple.

Unfortunately it's more of an Indiana Jones temple: decrepit, crumbling and full of snakes and traps.

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If you're in the Glasgow area and tall could you please do something abt the fash sticker on the pole outside of the queen street side entrance of the argyle street primark, thanks, a short person #glasgow

I’m in Massachusetts looking at directions and Mastodon has poisoned my brain.

Like yeah, little dude, I don't want to be upright right now either!

Just watched a small, angry child stomp off to the bus stop. Most I've empathized with someone in months.

One of the simplest joys of Mastodon is finding out how hot someone really is when their posting style is - and this is me being kind here - "gremlinesque"

hey @Gargron i know theres no sponsored posts or whatever but can i slide you a cheeky 50 under the table i made a good joke and think i should be allowed to pay to force everyone to see it

Hi all,

I'm a PhD student in Experimental Physics at the University of Groningen (Netherlands).

I investigate conjugated polymers, a material class that enables "plastic electronics", such as OLED-displays and low-cost organic solar cells. To understand the material's optical properties and the influence of aggregation, I employ various spectroscopic techniques.

I'm here to talk about research (including mine), academia, tech, and society. Feel free to connect!


He also gravely inquired as to whether she is peeping at him because she wants a "trailer" -- as she's now famous, having been featured in the local humane society's summer newsletter as an adoption success story.

"It's hard being a Little Cat," says the partner to the Little Cat, very gravely. "Especially when you're not little."

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Had to share this awesome art I found while hunting for food downtown

today I bought a freezer, and as I was walking around with it on a flatbed cart, a man stopped me to very excitedly ask me where I had got it and how much it cost.

I told him, we both marveled at how inexpensive it was, and then I wished him a good day.

this is the most adult I have ever been. I peaked today.

If I learned what the blockchain is, that might push all the lyrics to the first two Dashboard Confessional LPs out of my head, so you see why I can't learn

This video is making me so happy. The farm I grew up on has a bunch of grain bins but I never knew how they were built! These are much fancier than ours.

And I'm so excited to get to see a combine in action again -- my dad used to let me sit in the combine with him when I was young enough to need a booster seat at the table (because that's what I'd sit in) and it was better than TV for keeping me entertained. :)

Nintendo: "We're gonna be fairer to our employees."

Capitalism: "Wait-"

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