If someone blocks or mutes you, using other accounts to circumvent that block is not good. Ever.

Even if you believe you did nothing wrong, the person blocked you because they don't want to engage with you. That's the end of it. If they wanted an explanation, they'd ask for it.

@MrsMouse @guerrillarain what if my admin blocked a whole instance and I use another instance to talk to my contacts there?

@saper @guerrillarain
Instance bans are less personal, so I would give them ("you" in this hypothetical) the benefit of the doubt, especially if you were (A) not one of the individuals which made "me" ban the instance (B) have an account older than the ban there, and active. If "I'm" looking at your account tho, likely the other way around. I might ask the users on my server whom you are conversing with if you are welcome to them.

@MrsMouse @guerrillarain I generally agree with you but I wonder how we can make admins' work easier. in case (A) instance bans do not list users that were the reason, it is hard to know (as a casual user) what was the reasoning behind the instance ban. Even common blacklists do not always carry an explanation.

(B) is there an easy way do determine relative timestamps of events?

@MrsMouse @guerrillarain Also "ask the users" should be made easier: when would you "ask the users"? Definitely admins are not tracing every follow and do not check in advance, so probably that would be reactive action in case of a compliant "C just followed me (A) but I think it is a sockpuppet (q.v. Wikipedia) of (B) coming from blocked instance (Z)". To determine if such compliant is reasonable, one would need to examine if (A) is a bad faith sockpuppet of (B), and then reasons of (Z) ban.

@MrsMouse @guerrillarain Looks like quite a lot of things to analyse quickly.

(I speak partially from experience because I am involved in chasing exactly such cases on Wikipedia).

@saper @guerrillarain well, if there's an instance ban because of the user, and the admins of the banning instance didn't reach out two the admin of the banned instance first, I might suggest federation isn't for the banning server and perhaps they would be happier somewhere else.

@saper @guerrillarain

The user we're evaluating here - the hypothetical "are they committing ban evasion or not" user - isn't going to be terribly easy to spot, so the admins of the banning server haver to notice them, which means either the admins were watching for exactly this, or user is committing pretty suspicious behaviour to be noticed.

@saper @guerrillarain

If the admin of the banning server didn't take enough steps before the ban to let this user know and let the banned instance know what was up, they won't make use of any now, and are likely to just ban for "ban evasion" or ban the new instance for some imagined conspiracy.

@MrsMouse @guerrillarain (didn't get that "federation isn't for the banning server" part)

@saper @guerrillarain I mean by that I don't know why you would want to be in a open federation like this if you would be banning instances based on a user's actions without trying to work it out with the local admin

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@guerrillarain Absolutely. That is an admission by the perp that they've understood you want no contact, but they'll do it anyway.

In other words, harassment.

@guerrillarain In the same vein, having others circumvent it for you isn't okay, either. It's not fair to /anyone./

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