hero worship is gross, have you INTERACTED with humans? no, don't do it

All jokes aside, we have a habit of putting people at the top of these righteous pillars but we are fallible creatures and so you end up disappointed and they have a far way to fall.

@shoutcacophony @somarasu @guerrillarain *insert discourse about the phrase "rule of law" that I'm too tired to write right now*

@a_breakin_glass @somarasu @guerrillarain

*thinks of the reductionistic nature of the word "rule" in all its forms, and how that parallels laws, and *passes out from the heat**

@guerrillarain ideally, if possible, just put more smaller fractal pedestals on pedestals.

wait... 🤔

@gdkar a pedestal on top of a pedestal on top of a pedestal on top of a pedestal on top of a

@guerrillarain 's liiiike staaaairs! of, uh, widely varying size. 🤔

laconic, slightly enervated snark ftw Show more

@guerrillarain on Saturday in offline rpg I was playing an orc barbarian named "Plinth" (based on a character concept I've had for like a decade) and we were in this room with statues but one of the statues was missing and the GM said "this alcove only contains an empty plinth" and I said "YES" and Plinth jumped up onto the plinth and posed for a minute because PLINTH ON A PLINTH

sorry just had to share that. XD

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