I think I asked this before but I don't remember the outcome:

Are there any good alternatives to Google docs where I can write my fiction online that only I can see, that isn't shared or spied on, that I can switch from computer to computer without having to download, edit, and reupload?


I use Syncthing for my works in progress. Revisions to my files get automatically copied between my devices (including my phone) whenever two of them are online together. They never get sent to the "cloud."

I do my writing mostly in LibreOffice, but this works with MS World and other word processing software, as long as that software runs on your own devices, not in the "cloud."

@guerrillarain my Co-partner and i use nuclino.com/

for drafting and co-writing / editing

i've at occasions used it on my mobile phone, where it wasn't entirely atrocious

@guerrillarain there's a software called 'nextcloud' I think that's a bit like an open source dropbox/google drive...but! It's kinda complicated (like most open source stuff.) Different versions of it are hosted on different services, & not all of them have the plugins that give all the google doc like features. I can only give you this vague bad answer because I haven't found a good version for myself yet...hopefully this could at least be a starting point :s

@guerrillarain you could make an account on dreamwidth.org and post only private entries

I think you might like Collabora Online Office. It can be even integrated with NextCloud if thatʼs your thing.

If this side of tech is not your thing, Iʼm pretty sure some fediverse people will help you with that ☺ (although you may find hosted instances; I never checked that before)

@guerrillarain don't you want the world to see your writing? else use pen n paper

@guerrillarain I'd be interested to hear the answer as well. The closest thing I can think of is using SyncThing on multiple computers to sync up a folder between them.

@guerrillarain Apple’s iCloud docs work this way. I don’t think their Ts&Cs grant them any access to your content.

@guerrillarain How about using #Syncthing for file synchronization and writing using whatever text editor/word processor that you're comfortable with?

@guerrillarain Probably not what you're looking for but I personally use git for such things. Though my documents tend to be plaintext, not a word processor doc.

The advantages: Lots of revisions that you can go back over easily, ability to work even if not synced and still merge back later (though only works well for plaintext).

Disadvantages: steep learning curve, overkill, most tutorials/tools assume programming skills.

@guerrillarain Medium's draft system will do that for you. Fanfiction.net also used to have a draft system that worked similarly. Medium's doesn't have a convenient export.

@guerrillarain I'd give #StandardNotes, a totally end-to-end-encrypted notepad, a shot: standardnotes.org/

The free tier gives you a plain text editor. (The paid tier has more editors, like a Markdown editor.) There's a cloud service, but they are unable to decrypt what you're writing. Saving happens automatically.

I trust it enough to basically be my diary. I wrote a seriously #privacy-nerd-level review here: spin.atomicobject.com/2018/03/

@guerrillarain I would be concerned about security, and using a well established open-source writer with sync services would be my bet. sync uses end-to-end encryption. Canadian based company.


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