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I have a loose sketch of a plot whoa whoa whoa. This time I'm going to live-toot my writing journey so yall can keep me accountable.

Don't let me slip, okay? If you gotta call me out for dicking around, then that's what you gotta do.

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Also, just fyi, if I am annoying or stressful and just not good for you, you can unfollow me. You can mute and/or block me. It's okay.

I'll be sad to see you go but you should always put yourself and your needs before me. I will understand.

It's okay.

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I can't be racist against white people. The love of my life is white.

I like my moody white boys to be sad goths in metal bands writing love songs, not clenching his jaw and glaring all the time, talking about how he has no emotions and walking like he's got a wedgie that he hasn't cleaned in days

Pro-tip: Your teenage character should not need to dramatically justify why she wants to find her missing mother to the love interest. It is a child who wants to find their kidnapped parent. Stop wasting valuable time dramatically (and poorly) stating the obvious. Not wanting your parent to be tortured is not a form of character development.

While I'm waiting in line for ten fucking years in immigration, might as well do some Nanowrimo planning...

You find a box of letters from your estranged parent, and read them to reveal that your parent was/is secretly a _________.

re: Guerrilla vs the demon military hanger 6 

I say apparently because I didn't get it and this wasn't explained to us. I finally convinced honey to leave, at which point he smugly pointed out that it was my idea to go in there.

Guerrilla vs the demon military hanger 10 

Guerrilla vs the demon military hanger 9 

Guerrilla vs the demon military hanger 8 

Guerrilla vs the demon military hanger 6 

Guerrilla vs the demon military hanger 5 

Guerrilla vs the demon military hanger 4 

Guerrilla vs the demon military hanger 3 

Guerrilla vs the demon military hanger 2 

Guerrilla vs the demon military hanger 

For clarification on this, I know I'm black. Anyone who sees me will immediately know I'm black. We can't forget that. BUT it's nice to go out and not have people trying to put you in your place or make you feel unwelcomed or like a circus animal.

I feel like a normal person here and I am treated like a normal person.

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