To all the authors and writers out there, link me to your personal websites. I wanna see what they look like before I make mine. Please feel free to boost or link to other authors or sites along the same lines.

@gryphonEschmidt I guess my site is very oldskool wordpress with a theme from 2014 :D

Your site is beautiful ❤️ what language is that if I may ask?

@gryphonEschmidt See in my profile. I happen to be quite happy with how the sci-fi writing section turned out.

@gryphonEschmidt this is my personal website for things related to librarianship:

and this is for games writing

kind of different vibes for different areas

@gryphonEschmidt My fiction site (and "big" site) is

My personal blog, which has writing and programming, is located at

They have starkly different feels. :D

@gryphonEschmidt I've been too much of a mess to work on it or keep the certificate updated (the host it's on demands serious dollars to do it for you and it doesn't allow it to be done automatically, so I gotta move one of these days but I don't really know how or have the energy to do so etc etc etc) but I do like the look of it. all my own code:

It gave me an error when I tried to look. Something about my phone clock?

@gryphonEschmidt I went and looked and if you're on chrome, that's their default "the security certificate is expired" message. Which it is. I dunno why chrome is like "this certificate expired! that must mean...your computer/phone's date is wrong!" but it is.

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