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Title: Birth of the Prophet
Genre: Sci-fantasy? New Adult
Goal: Type up 2nd draft/first round edits.
Basic Plot: When a human ship crash lands on a not-quite-hospitable planet, they make a deal with a local Goddess to give them shelter to make a city under a protective barrier, and to partner-bond with the native dragons. Generations later, our protagonist is about to discover there was more to the deal then anyone remembers.
-updated 4/3/21

Ah ha! Just remembered the planetary construction kit is a book I have

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begpost, asking for small amount, boosts appreciated 

Hello everyone. So my Ehvi and I have been taking NADH + CoQ10 to help manage #LongCOVID symptoms it has been a tremendous help. We are out and have no means to replace it, so I'm asking for donations to get a supply built back up. I need at least $30.54 to get it. I am currently still out of a job and Ehvi is permanently disabled.



Thank you.

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I can’t believe I haven’t found anything so, time to ask for recs

Any fiction material dealing with aromantic people?

Anywhere on that spectrum! I am not picky! Comics, books, movies, whatever you have got


I know, I know, world building only works sit down and start rather than just talking about it.

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help a black girl and her sisters escape an abusive home:

Please help raise a remainder of $675 [late fees included] anything additional urgently needed to escape ongoing SA and mistreatment

c: $yungirll
v : yungirl

This is what I was referencing with 'culture study's if you haven't read it.

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Hey writing friends, have you ever done a culture study for your setting? Would you be willing to share it? Im curious about what sorts of things you included

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Okay, time for a new #poll. How many different #web #browser do you use across all your devices? IE, #phone, #tablet, #laptop #computer, #desktop, etc.

And I mean all different browsers: #Chrome (and chrome variants), #Edge, #Safari, #Firefox (and Libre Wold, Seamonkey, etc.), #Vivaldi, #Opera and all others.

As always: please boost so we get some really good data.

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Hi friends! If you're looking for a #job, iNaturalist is hiring for some techie roles

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Urgent request by a Latinx non-binary trans dyke! They're homeless and need shelter from the heat while they look for work


Venmo: @ garbageconnoisseur
Cashapp: $garbageconnoisseur

#donate #urgent #mutualaid #boost

Anyone else doing camp NaNoWriMo next month? Mostly focusing on editing/drafting BotP but I seem to have lost all my writing buddies on the site.

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Hello people! I am an editor of the newsletter of the International Society for Artificial Life, and we are looking for contributions to our next edition.

The newsletter is very informal and laid back, and a place to platform and boost young researchers and people interested in Alife.

Share your project / blog / take with us!

You can read our newsletter here:

And you can share your contribution here!

Boosts appreciated :boost_requested:

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crowdfunding, transmisogynoir 

"I’m Lola a black transfemme , i go by they/them pronouns. I’m currently studying and stealthing my way through university. I need support for Hormone Replacement Therapy and safe living conditions as i’m currently unhoused and living in shelters after i was forcibly outed to my parents."

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anyone want/need a quick sketch of themselves for cash? I need food money. can do 1 sketch for $15 or two for $35. I work mainly in watercolor gouache graphite or ink. thanks

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Started writing an article (in French) about the fetichization of roman & greek Antiquity by the far-right/fascists.
All sources welcome if you have some! :)

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Prediction: Personal plans are at their most impactful when they're understood as defaults instead of requirements, especially for otherwise unstructured days.

Inertia is powerful, both for good and ill. Schedule recurring social plans, day trips (even if it's to a coffee shop), times of rest, and the like, whatever makes for a fulfilling day. Not necessarily a productive day but the kind of day that leaves you feeling content and ready to fall asleep at the end.

And when opportunities and other surprises appear, you can embrace them! You can default to the remainder of your plan, if you want, or drop those plans to make room for what you would miss. Pay attention to which parts of your plans survive contact with disruptions because those may be your most valuable routines.

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So, I saw the ‘Draw 100 heads in x days’ challenge going around & liked the idea, so looked it up. I was disappointed by the lack of diversity, and the inclusion of sculptures/sculpted mugs/3D renders in the collection.

So I started my own Portrait Reference pin board with a wide diversity of race, age, gender, expression etc. I’m going to do the challenge using my own collection!

I share the collection with you as a resource :)

#art #resource #ArtResource #MastoArt

"Its called a First Apprenticeship, and it starts at 10. The idea is for kids to ask around town, to things and people they find interesting, to see if they want to do it longer term. First Apprenticeships can last two weeks or ten years or anything in between and beyond. They go until the child says they're ready to move on and explore something new. A fair few never do, and end up Mastering in the same area. Some will explore every field in the town before moving out to another."

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