It takes different people different amounts of time to do things they want or need to do and that's fine, especially if you throw mental health issues into the mix.

It took me kind of a long time to learn that so just in case anybody's still wondering it's fine that it's taking you longer (even if it's taking you years longer) to do whatever it is you're doing, you're still going to get there.

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If you do come out as nonbinary, you will have to do it many times. You will have to explain again and again what it means to be nonbinary.

You are not being dishonest if some people know your true self while some don't. You are not required to correct anyone on your gender.

It's their fault for assuming you are binary.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity #exorsexism ..

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UK pol, petition link, boosts encouraged 

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I left a freshly washed duvet on the sofa for a day or so and

@vicorva Yeah, I'll always miss being beaten up by mudrabs because I can't hit them XD I love the weapon and spell combination because I determinedly play battlemages whenever I can despite the fact they're always worse than plain mages and warriors

Mine are mostly dark elves and imperials with a khajiit and a couple of high elves in the mix!

@vicorva I know what you mean, yeah. There are a couple of things I got used to in Skyrim that make it hard to go back though, like dual wielding and the ability to hold a sword and a spell at the same time. But really it's the lore of Morrowind I love, even in ESO most of my characters are dark elves because I just love Morrowind so much XD

@vicorva Same, and the number of times I've played Skyrim and thought 'this game is gorgeous, I wish it was as good as Morrowind'. Not that I don't also love Skyrim, but it's no Morrowind

@vicorva I believe the title of the ESO track is 'A Land of War and Poetry' if that helps!

I'm also super excited for Skywind, I do hope it actually gets finished one day because I will probably play it for the rest of my life

@vicorva One of my all-time favourite game soundtracks, no doubt! Really nailed the atmosphere of the game

@vicorva Fully recommend the version written for Skywind, which is the project trying to recreate Morrowind as a mod for Skyrim if you've not heard of it! I actually also really love the theme for the Elder Scrolls Online's Morrowind DLC as well, although that doesn't really become a cover of Morrowind until the very end

My writing playlist has reached the point where there is always a 20% chance that the next song that comes on will be a cover of the main theme from TES III: Morrowind. Shooting for 50% by the end of the weekend

Goal for this morning: see how much custom content I can download before The Sims 3 grinds to a screeching halt and my PC catches fire

uk pol, furlough, covid-adjacent 

I spent ten minutes looking for the pen I'd just put down and it was in my hair. It's always in my hair



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