I've been looking for resources that might help a cis man who's always identified as straight come to terms with what his spouse starting to identify as ftm means for his sexuality, and I'm really struggling to find anything.

If anybody's got anything to hand that they could send me a link to I would very much appreciate it

The only thing that comes to mind is a reddit post of someone getting the hots _more_ for a good friend and previous crush after he started transitioning, where the OP (who previously ID's as straight) asked for advice on how to handle it. Not entirely applicable perhaps...

@gremaure we remember seeing some stuff so we looked online:

- seems to be a linklist? I haven't followed the links

- most of the search results seem to be about wives of trans women? is one advice blog response for a husband of a trans man, specifically about identity words, and it looks all right to me just reading through it

- one of those aforementioned wife-of-a-trans-woman search results that we clicked through and read: It's not entirely a happy story (they lost their entire community, oh no) but it's, like ... honest and affirming of the things which seem important to us about the whole thing? which we appreciated

hope some of that proves useful

- Packsnek 🐍

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