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Time for a reintroduction post because my gender is wrong in my old one!

Hi, I'm Grem. I am a queer, genderfluid enby loitering around the masc end of the spectrum, pronouns they/them or he/him.

I'm just returning to writing after a scrapped novel and a couple of years off due to bpd and anxiety, working on a fantasy story with gothic horror elements and a trans protagonist.

I have a cat called Morrigan, she's a complete pain in the arse and I love her.

Pet illness (chronic but minor) 

In discovering that my cat has FIC (stress-related cystitis) and therefore trying to find ways to reduce how much we do things that stress her out (like hoovering) we have discovered that the ridiculous animal is also terrified of the broom

dysphoria is bad and i'm tired so here's a picture of my cat photosynthesising for anyone else who is tired

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Breaking out the acrylics to paint a sketchbook cover! There's a really pretty 'sketchbook' I've been mooning over for ages with a Klimt artwork cover but I know the paper isn't really suited to my purposes. So I decided to have a go at making my own Klimt-inspired one instead. As ever, gold paint really doesn't scan well but be assured: it is VERY shiny.

#MastoArt #TraditionalArt

People really hate it when actions have consequences, don't they?

It is snowing and my cat is not at all sure about this funny white sky fluff blowing about outside

mental health - 

My writing pattern at the moment seems to consist of 500 words one day followed by a week and a half of getting nothing done due to bad days and tbh I'm getting a little tired of mental illness's bullshit

today I will mostly be being annoyed at the fluidity of my gender

Writing is difficult at the moment so it's time to break out one of my favourite pieces of video game music ever (Rivellon - Divinity: Original Sin 2) and listen to it on a loop all day. It must be done

minor fall/injury 

began today by falling down the stairs and now I have a massive bruise on my arse, my back hurts and I am grumpy

how today is going: managed to miss my entire face and moisturise my hair instead

food (not vegan) 

Sometimes I am very impressed with my ability to get an omelette out of a pan looking like anything other than a splotch. Today is not one of those days

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I realized a few mins ago that I knew what "MVP" *meant* but had no idea what the acronym stood for, so my brain was trying to figure it out in the background and the best I could come up with was "Most Very Person".

gatekeeping, mental health 

Just a quick PSA but actually you don't get to decide if somebody else is suffering from any given condition or not, or whether or not they can talk about it. I don't care if they don't have a diagnosis or the same symptoms/care requirements as you. Shush

My cat was bored and therefore I am awake

scrounging up the motivation to write is very difficult at the moment

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Fun fact: women's clothes have 1 pocket and we all take turns sharing it

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Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a gender? You may be entitled to compensation‬

My bad day survival kit. Use all spoons to move everything to sofa, fail to move for next few hours at least. Not pictured: very large glass of water and headphones which will be playing everything Ava Max has ever written on a loop all day. All this because I missed my alarm and got up late

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Some sketchbooky bits and pieces from a range of different places because I have, as ever, about a million different sketchbooks in progress. Images CWed for a bit of non-graphic blood in one of 'em, but just to be safe!

#MastoArt #TraditionalArt #sketchbook

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