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Hi everyone, I'm Grem and I'm totally new to mastodon. I'm demigender (she/her).

I'm predominantly an LGBT high fantasy writer, currently working towards self-publishing my first novel.

I'm also big into video gaming. I love me a good story-driven RPG.

I have a very antisocial cat named Morrigan, and nothing cheers me up like a good cup of tea. :)


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cat: *is licking masking tape*
me: why though
cat: *stares at me for ten seconds and then goes back to licking the masking tape*

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This is hilarious!

RT :birdsite: @joshmcconell

The pizza joint I went to framed a hole in the wall in the men’s washroom and called it “Fragile Masculinity”

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Trans issues and trans men, sexism 

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reminder to add pronouns to your bio even if you're cis

I blew out a candle and managed to get wax on everything, I'm not even sure how.

But seriously, it got everything. Every single thing.

This morning was so rushed that I got halfway to the supermarket before somebody pointed out to me that I still had a biro in my ponytail

baking, alc mention 

I'm not sure that 'off the sofa' is a realistic goal for today. Day for lots of tea and faffing about with side projects I think. I got a new notebook for Christmas so super neatly for two pages before it descends back into illegible scrawling.

family -, Xmas being hard, alcohol mention 

family -, Xmas being hard 

Christmas with my cat is mostly just people taking it in turns to say "Morrigan, don't eat that!" and try to get to her before she manages to swallow an entire Christmas cracker

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Please remember that for some of us, there's nothing merry about christmas. 💚

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This has been on my phone since last December 24th so I figured it's a good time to share it again.

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So after a very crappy experience this morning (was not just crappy due to ableism but that was a big part of it) I would like to remind everybody that assuming somebody you're interacting with can do everything you can do as easily as you can do it is ableist, and please don't.

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