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Hi everyone, I'm Grem and I'm totally new to mastodon. I'm demigender (she/her).

I'm predominantly an LGBT high fantasy writer, currently working towards self-publishing my first novel.

I'm also big into video gaming. I love me a good story-driven RPG.

I have a very antisocial cat named Morrigan, and nothing cheers me up like a good cup of tea. :)

It takes different people different amounts of time to do things they want or need to do and that's fine, especially if you throw mental health issues into the mix.

It took me kind of a long time to learn that so just in case anybody's still wondering it's fine that it's taking you longer (even if it's taking you years longer) to do whatever it is you're doing, you're still going to get there.

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If you do come out as nonbinary, you will have to do it many times. You will have to explain again and again what it means to be nonbinary.

You are not being dishonest if some people know your true self while some don't. You are not required to correct anyone on your gender.

It's their fault for assuming you are binary.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity #exorsexism ..

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UK pol, petition link, boosts encouraged 

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I left a freshly washed duvet on the sofa for a day or so and

My writing playlist has reached the point where there is always a 20% chance that the next song that comes on will be a cover of the main theme from TES III: Morrowind. Shooting for 50% by the end of the weekend

Goal for this morning: see how much custom content I can download before The Sims 3 grinds to a screeching halt and my PC catches fire

uk pol, furlough, covid-adjacent 

I spent ten minutes looking for the pen I'd just put down and it was in my hair. It's always in my hair


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Decorated a couple of new sketchbooks with invitingly blank covers - these are both acrylic gouache and posca marker. Now I really want to actually start using these sketchbooks but I have to finish my current ones first...

#sketchbook #MastoArt #TraditionalArt

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Lightly dunking on medieval era bee illustrations 

We can now add HDMI cables to the list of things my cat thinks must die along with wooden skewers, anything plastic that crinkles, and human extremities

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Hey, now seems like a good time to remind you that it is not only okay to be fat: fat is beautiful! ✨

Don't let people shame you into starving yourself or hating your body.

Live healthy and beautiful. 💙


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