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Time for a reintroduction post because my gender is wrong in my old one!

Hi, I'm Grem. I am a queer, genderfluid enby loitering around the masc end of the spectrum, pronouns they/them or he/him.

I'm just returning to writing after a scrapped novel and a couple of years off due to bpd and anxiety, working on a fantasy story with gothic horror elements and a trans protagonist.

I have a cat called Morrigan, she's a complete pain in the arse and I love her.

Writing is difficult at the moment so it's time to break out one of my favourite pieces of video game music ever (Rivellon - Divinity: Original Sin 2) and listen to it on a loop all day. It must be done

minor fall/injury 

how today is going: managed to miss my entire face and moisturise my hair instead

food (not vegan) 

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I realized a few mins ago that I knew what "MVP" *meant* but had no idea what the acronym stood for, so my brain was trying to figure it out in the background and the best I could come up with was "Most Very Person".

gatekeeping, mental health 

My cat was bored and therefore I am awake

scrounging up the motivation to write is very difficult at the moment

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Fun fact: women's clothes have 1 pocket and we all take turns sharing it

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Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a gender? You may be entitled to compensation‬

My bad day survival kit. Use all spoons to move everything to sofa, fail to move for next few hours at least. Not pictured: very large glass of water and headphones which will be playing everything Ava Max has ever written on a loop all day. All this because I missed my alarm and got up late

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Some sketchbooky bits and pieces from a range of different places because I have, as ever, about a million different sketchbooks in progress. Images CWed for a bit of non-graphic blood in one of 'em, but just to be safe!

#MastoArt #TraditionalArt #sketchbook

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I am impatient to start writing a relationship between characters who are not yet aware of one another's existence. Not me already planning a sequel to a novel I haven't finished writing yet

today I wrote a whole chapter and ended the day with the sinking feeling that I'm probably going to delete and rewrite it tomorrow

fatphobia, family - 

so I felt really crappy yesterday and decided to use the day to watch the whole of Bridgerton and whyyy are the main characters in these things always so boring

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A poll for cisgender lesbians! Which statement fits your views best?

(RT this to boost it out of my circle because I'm trans so bias etc.)

a) Trans women are women and deserve recognition and rights

b) Trans women are men and shouldn't be recognised as such

[ #poll #lesbian ]

Today I managed to convert my anxious energy and inability to focus into something productive and did a proper clean of the desks and a few other oft-neglected surfaces and dear god was there a lot of cat fur on them

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