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I did the Big Scary Thing and posted up a few chapters of my draft on Inkshares!

The Glass Tree is a character-focused epic fantasy novel with a diverse cast, and if that sounds like the kind of thing you might want to take a look at, the link is here:


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Hi everyone, I'm Grem and I'm totally new to mastodon. I'm demigender (she/her).

I'm predominantly an LGBT high fantasy writer, currently working towards self-publishing my first novel.

I'm also big into video gaming. I love me a good story-driven RPG.

I have a very antisocial cat named Morrigan, and nothing cheers me up like a good cup of tea. :)

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wave your hands in the air like you don't care

Notebooks are for sitting on.

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Christmas trees are not safe for cats! Real ones are toxic if ingested, artifical ones will cause intensinal blockages if eaten.

Spraying them with bitter apple spray or diluted citrus oil can help, but really the best thing to do is not leave a cat unattended with a Christmas tree. Shut them out of the room overnight/when you're out.

Tinsel can cause intestinal blockages and is also toxic, because it just has to one-up everything else.

My cat will eat literally anything she can fit down her throat. As a result I have covered the Christmas tree in a metric craptonne of bitter apple spray and she is now sulking under the coffee table because mean old me has made her giant new cat toy taste funny.

I took a couple of days' break over the weekend from Stupid Book, mostly because I have begun calling it 'Stupid Book' rather than 'my novel'.

I've basically been working on the same thing for three years and it's amazing how much just not even thinking about it for a few days can do to clear out the cobwebs.

(actually writing, rather than just staring at scrivener in utter frustration)

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Spent far too long today on a train that smelled like feet. Warrior needs tea, badly.

How to find any small item you have dropped on the floor:
1) place pet on floor
2) wait for sounds of pet eating thing they should not be eating
Cannot speak from personal experience but have heard this also works with toddlers.

I wonder where the cat could possibly be, she's so sneaky I might never find her.

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We need articles! If you'd be willing to volunteer to write an article on any aspect of creativity, geekery, writing, or inspiration from science/history/etc, please do get in touch. We can only take writers on a volunteer basis, but we do provide editing & writing feedback & you're welcome to plug projects/patreons at the end of an article.

Please get in touch if you'd be interested or have ideas!

Any #boost s v appreciated too :)

#articles #creativetoots #writing #history #science #art

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Good luck to all the intrepid NaNo-ers about to NaNo.

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To those about to . I salute you.

So I discovered this Halloween that my husband has managed to reach his late twenties without ever having carved a pumpkin. This situation has been rectified, the pumpkins have been carved, and the whole process greatly confused the cat. She still hasn't quite worked out if they're food or not.

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men of the world, did you know it is possible to share an arm rest, you do no need the whole space, on a plane, a train, a tube, it’s good to share

I am redownloading Mass Effect, another trilogy run is in order. This time I will make a valiant effort to cope with male Shepard's voice acting for more than thirty seconds.

Parental visit this weekend means it's time to play a game of Dressing The Spare Bed: Living With Cats Edition.