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I did the Big Scary Thing and posted up a few chapters of my draft on Inkshares!

The Glass Tree is a character-focused epic fantasy novel with a diverse cast, and if that sounds like the kind of thing you might want to take a look at, the link is here:

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Hi everyone, I'm Grem and I'm totally new to mastodon. I'm demigender (she/her).

I'm predominantly an LGBT high fantasy writer, currently working towards self-publishing my first novel.

I'm also big into video gaming. I love me a good story-driven RPG.

I have a very antisocial cat named Morrigan, and nothing cheers me up like a good cup of tea. :)

According to my cat, the plastic things in the middle of giant Kinder eggs that the toy comes in are literally the best thing ever.

Seriously, never buy cats expensive toys. Anything plastic and vaguely circular will apparently do.

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ESO servers are offline for maintenance and I'm having to focus on my work instead of playing games, mutter mutter.

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Heyo, people of Earth! About a month and a half ago, I mentioned that I'm working on a technology that provide homeowners with an aftermarket solution to decrease home energy costs through controlling heat loss via windows.

I'm still working on that, and I'm now at a point where I need to talk to people and get feedback about what we as scientists don't take into consideration.

If you're willing to talk to me, could you please send me a DM here? THANK YOU!

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I ran out of caffeine-free tea yesterday, so today is mostly going to consist of bouncing off the walls because it's that or sticking to only my three caffeinated cuppas a day and lol that's not gonna happen

So today I very nearly sat on my cat because she was wedged in the middle of all the cushions on the sofa and I did not immediately realise she was not a cushion.

It is April 1st and as such 8000 different sources have claimed that Firefly is suddenly getting a second season, and it's still not funny. Even after repeating the joke once a year since the show was cancelled. Who'd've thought.

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Reminder to y’all,

April is autism awareness month. Couple of things:

1) do not support Autism Speaks. At all. They silence the voices of actual autistic people and seek a β€œcure” and compare us to cancer

2) stop and call out others reducing autism to a punchline and/or insult

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