I have a confession, 'shop.

After a Rebecca Black meeting (7am on Friday), I have dived into the depths of caffeine terribleness and fixed myself a cup of... instant.

I'm so sorry. Thank you for hearing my confessional.

I was today days old when I realised that Undertale and Homestuck are not the same thing.

I love being able to share fixes on the internet and then getting corrected.

I haven't used Ruby in so long I'm still defaulting to hash rockets.

I'm a leave-the-tea-bag-in sorta gal.

Mostly because I always forget I have a cuppa waiting for me in the kitchen and if I use loose leave I ruin the cup, but I can stomach a ever-steeped teabag tea.

I'd offer y'all some fancy tea, but the 4oz I got in PNW earlier in the year has one serving left. Sigh.

Oh hey would you look at that, twitter broke their emoji copypaste-ability. At least Mastodon still works.

Implementation details:
On web, implement emoji with images -
"title" for the hover/alt text
"alt" for the text that's copied when selecting chunks of text
"src" for the image itself.

Sample code


Important followup!

I now have two (!) jackets that support pins and an overflowing pin collection.

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I'm after a jacket that I can attach enamel pins to, but I don't want a denim jacket, nor leather, or soft cotton hoodie.

I'm after a 'harder' material jacket, that will be able to support pins.

I have *one* picture of a discontinued jacket like what I'm after, but I have no idea what material it is.

Any ideas on how one would identify this material/jacket style?

who called it "dabbling in things man was not meant to know" and not "cracking open an Old One"

(full credit to @deerful and @darius for inspiring this with comments in their Too Much Not Enough episode about Rimworld)

If your router fails during a conference call it's Panic! at the Cisco.

I removed Tusky from my phone at one point, and for some reason I can't install it again. I have Android 6, but it looks like they only dropped support for Android 4. Am I missing something? Or is there a better native app on Android for Mastadon?

OH: "I find ideas to be the hardest thing. @aaronbassett@twitter.com, however, poops ideas like an incontinent newborn."


Hello Shop. I haven't been coming by lately. I'm sorry. Anyone want a cuppa? β˜•

OH: "This is the only time I can say this loudly: how is your skin disease?" 'It's still wet!'

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