It's now been multiple days of being a street medic. It's why I sought out advanced certifications and training this year. It's my job to support those who are finding their voice. For those who keep coming out, donating supplies, or volunteering, Thank You!

I really want to mix some beats and record something on top of it but have never really done it before. I just have the itch to scream at a mic for a bit.

@swirlz I'll take a look (from an HR perspective as well if it's needed) I pulled the trigger and got the amazfit bip lite. I'm about two weeks (and one charge) in and I have no complaints!

@June "I'm a cis person and my opinion is definitely important in this situation and should be heard and taken seriously" as if I shouldn't just shut up and provide space for others to speak for themselves.

I'm in a place of privilege. The world does not need to hear and magnify more voices like mine. I recently saw the amazfit bip which I may end up buying. I wore my poor pebble to death (even after their demise)

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Can anyone recommend a guide for how members of a neighborhood can support eachother during an epidemic, not necessarily with government support?

Looking especially for something that has actually been tried for real; internet-era not a requirement.

The problem with privilege is that it is mostly invisible. It can be hard to notice unless you pay attention or have it pointed out.

Also, I just thought about how decks of cards are sexist af. Why have I never noticed that before?

tech request, capitalism complaint 

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tech request, capitalism complaint 

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Here's some premade affirmation and morale patches for @ginguin and anyone else looking to brighten their day in these trying times.
You can dm to order, all my info is in my bio, I do take barters.

@WeWereSeeds Pics and prices (or preferred barter stuffs) are welcome. I'm in the market!

@WeWereSeeds I was just asking for places to buy morale patches (for gear) that weren't fascist adjacent. I'd buy these in a heartbeat!

@storm @DialMforMara @LilyVers I am open to follows (and just requested to follow you!)

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