Does anyone have experience streaming video with ? We're trying to set up a movie night and we keep getting "input can't be opened" errors. (Guides say this is a firewall issue, but I'm pretty sure I gave that permission on the streaming end?)

@DialMforMara Streaming from where to where? I have solved a few streaming problems that have different solutions depending on the configuration. Where is the media? Where is it supposed to be headed? VLC as source or receiver?

There's supposed to be a way to stream from VLC on one computer to VLC on another. Following the online guides gives a "cannot be opened" error on the receiving end.

Our workaround last night involved uploading things to Drive

What are you referring to when you say "network"? This happened both with two VLC instances on the same computer, and two instances on computers in different countries.

@DialMforMara I answered my own question. People are all over :) I'll see what I can find/reproduce

@DialMforMara I was playing with VLC and wasn't able to reproduce the problem, and the googles aren't much help without getting more details :(

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