‪Reading on the internet used to be “I’ll optimize the signal from the noise,” now it’s more “anything in this landfill?”‬

‪Perhaps I’m not a skilled feed cultivar.‬


@n Personal recommendations are the best way to find quality content. If you think about the 'old web' (pre auto-algorithm/social), that is how all content was really discovered. People linked to stuff and recommended stuff and word-of-mouthed stuff. The problem is we removed the people from the discovery/dissemination process and have gotten lazy with asking for and sharing good sources (and not just good articles).

@ginguin you’re right... there was a lot of value in those linkrolls.

@ginguin @n I feel like this nicely ties into my ideas of a hierarchical directory (think Yahoo/DMOZ), but federated and curated by the people you follow, rather than curated by a central authority.

Granted, there's also the Delicious/Pinboard approach of tag-centric organization, which could work, too - also in a federated manner ideally.

@ginguin @n Yah for example trying to replace humans with machine learning algorithms for music recommendation seems pretty insane to me even if it does work. Almost everyone who listens to music enjoys, to a sometimes exhausting extent, sharing and recommending music. Why did we need to take humans out of a task they were competent at, that they enjoy and find connections with others through doing, and that even when done badly hurts no one?

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