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Free design work for any good cause :boost_ok: 

Since starting my independent artistic practice during covid, I've been considering how to find work that matters. That's when I had this idea; to offer my skills to anyone fighting for social justice. So if you need something for an event, a poster, a banner, a logo, even a website for that matter, just DM me and I'll see what I can do to help. I have the time available to give so I'd be glad to do it for free. Boosts ok for awareness, thanks!!

It's now been multiple days of being a street medic. It's why I sought out advanced certifications and training this year. It's my job to support those who are finding their voice. For those who keep coming out, donating supplies, or volunteering, Thank You!

I really want to mix some beats and record something on top of it but have never really done it before. I just have the itch to scream at a mic for a bit.

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Can anyone recommend a guide for how members of a neighborhood can support eachother during an epidemic, not necessarily with government support?

Looking especially for something that has actually been tried for real; internet-era not a requirement.

The problem with privilege is that it is mostly invisible. It can be hard to notice unless you pay attention or have it pointed out.

Also, I just thought about how decks of cards are sexist af. Why have I never noticed that before?

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tech request, capitalism complaint 

Apparently the answer the massive security holes caused by not providing security updates to devices is not to provide those updates, but to make people buy new devices

Anyway, between that and my Pixel 1's deteriorating battery life, I'm considering getting a new phone. What are your favorite smartphones that are
-Small enough for my hands and my pockets
-Not gonna die if I go on a Pokemon raid on my lunch break

It's time to put on my Street Medic pants! I didn't feel comfortable wearing the label when my only training was a basic First Aid/CPR/AED certification. I didn't feel comfortable after Stop the Bleed or days and days of self-guided study. I needed more, so I got it!

I just received my NAEMT Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Provider certificate and some really intense hands on training. I won't stop learning (I can still level up), but it's finally time to start helping.

My mantra this evening: Don't post while salty. Don't post while salty. Don't post while salty.

I am running an rpg session for kids with special needs on Monday and I need to come up with a one-shot or adventure for them. They already have characters (everything from a fantasy style princess to a modern soldier to a Saiyan) and have seen wizards in crystal caves, AI controlled space ships, and steam-punk type air balloons. Basically, the setting doesn't matter, because all of the universes have collapsed into one and they are surviving. I just need the next story! Any suggestions?

The problem I am having is that all of the shops that have a silly or fun patch also happen to carry a bunch of very fascist nonsense. I'd prefer to give my money to a creative person or group who aren't supporting evil.

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Are there any shops where I can buy some awesome leftist morale patches?

Are there any shops where I can buy some awesome leftist morale patches?

The local Working Wardrobes headquarters in Irvine, California burned down this last weekend. They are a career development non-profit that provides professional clothing and training for at-risk people to help them get work. Can't get a job without looking sharp for an interview, can't look sharp without a job. A lot was lost in the fire, but the mission remains!

If you are in the area, we are collecting clothing at multiple locations throughout Orange County. Hit me up for details!

Someone made this on purpose:

Is it art? I think it's art.

Once you've fallen in love with a band, hearing any of their albums performed with a full orchestra is just going to be amazing.

Is dancing naked allowed on the solstice? Is that a thing we do?

A Taekwondo tournament for kids (5 to 9) is seriously the cutest most ferocious thing you will ever see.

Are dragons still cool? You know what. I don't care. Dragons are cool.

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