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This is seriously one of the funnest talks I have listened to in a long time. Machine Learning (A.I.) is scary and used too often, but why is it scary?

Title: Q: Why Do Keynote Speakers Keep Suggesting That Improving Security Is Possible?
A: Because Keynote Speakers Make Bad Life Decisions and Are Poor Role Models

Direct YouTube link:

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Boost this toot and I'll assign you a random Wikipedia article to read

I hope you are all having a wonderful day! For those who are not, I am lending you some of my ass-kicking powers. Kick today's ass. Tell today to go eat a turd!

I left my e-reader at the partner's parent's house. I think I'm going to have to read a book you can't plug in! Oh nooo!

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I am disappointed that I lost the Little Drummer Boy game on the very first day. Booo!


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I need horror books to read! Do you have any favorites?

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Anger is the main response to today's 'confirmation', the bastards.

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“The Bullshit Web”

The most on point description of the state of the web that I’ve read in a while.

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Brutalist Web Design - A friend gave me design advice once. He said to start with left-aligned black text on a white background, and to apply styling only to solve a specific problem.

I'm having an early morning coffee while reading a good book when suddenly a witch's familiar appears. What message do you bring, little bird?

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