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“The Bullshit Web”

The most on point description of the state of the web that I’ve read in a while.

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Brutalist Web Design - A friend gave me design advice once. He said to start with left-aligned black text on a white background, and to apply styling only to solve a specific problem.

I'm having an early morning coffee while reading a good book when suddenly a witch's familiar appears. What message do you bring, little bird?

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Why do anarchists drink herbal tea? Show more

You have NO idea how excited I am that the Trogdor!! The Board Game Kickstarter launched today! This is Trogdor of fame. Do I need this? I most certainly do!

Diplomacy is such a wonderful board game that I will never play with family ('cause they hold grudges and this game is brutal).

Helping someone who is suicidal (great post, sensitive topic) Show more

Someone set up an espresso bar in front of the polling place. THAT'S what America is all about!

Creating augmented reality for work is both exhausting and exhilarating.

Remember! Don't believe the internet today. It is full of lies!

Some of the signs at this protest are amazing!

I started to exercise in the last couple of weeks (after more than a decade of desk work and laziness).

Holy hells, where did my muscles go? I had them, once. Come back, my pretties!

Also, I kind of missed this burn.

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What I'm trying to say is, Facebook CANNOT be fixed. They will NEVER be able to protect people's data. The idea that they can is and has always been a massive fraud.

When has anyone, ever, in the history of the internet, wanted to sign up for a smegging newsletter BEFORE reading the website? Never? Then stop with the smegging pop-over already!

Also, Happy Tuesday!

Video shoot in LA! Wooo! Two exhausting days coming right up.

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Blind Willie Johnson

There's a lot to say here, and I might have to spread this out in to a couple of posts, but we'll start here.

Here are the 30 songs Blind Willie Johnson recorded:

Yep, Just 30. Over 5 recording sessions from 1927 - 1930.

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Google Music could probably write my perfect song. I say that because most people don't just "Thumbs Up" a song once it is over, but often do so after or during a piece of the song that makes their brains go "Oooooh!". Big data could find what makes me click that button and produce something I would love.

Or it wouldn't. Big data is powerful, but it is also stupid (and dangerously so). Here that, Google? I am looking for some melodic metal filled with choral harmonies, strong bass, and violins!

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Seriously. Install uBlock Origin and never disable it for anyone until the ad industry shapes up.