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Having a Led Zeppelin kind of an evening on Spotify...

Yay! I just hit 20k on the new book. A fifth of the way there.

That's 40k words I've written since August.

*does happy dance*

My is the third part of a character-driven space opera trilogy. The first part, EMBERS OF WAR, will be published by Titan Books in February.

Hoping to break 20k words on the new book today, but first I need to get the kids ready for school...

Currently writing an article on space opera for The Guardian.

Cassandra Khaw started a *beautiful* thread over on Twitter, asking people who didn't get their start until after 30 to share their stories. It's NEVER too late!

I'm here to talk about and probably cats, cheese, wine, and the smell of bookshops.

I've deleted my account on as it was too confusing to have two. So this is the one-and-only me on Mastodon right now.

Hello! Here's my .

I and and about and monkeys. Some of these have won or been shortlisted for awards.

I have a new trilogy of space operas coming out from Titan Books, starting in February.

I'm happy to help if you have questions or writing-related dilemmas - just ask!

Hello. I have an account on the instance, but I thought I'd set one up here too, if this is the place to be for SF&F.

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