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@DialMforMara Use small details to suggest the bigger picture. The dried egg on the waitresses sleeve. The hiss and spit of eggs. The occasional rumble of trucks on the road outside, their lights passing in the darkness.


1. Iain M Banks' CULTURE novels
2. NOVA by Samuel Delany
4. Ann Leckie's ANCILLARY trilogy
5. The JERRY CORNELIUS novels my Michael Moorcock

Looking forward to Chinese food and beer this evening. But first, a visit to the dentist 😥

@fojazz Stepping out of your comfort zone enlarges your comfort zone.

I think the only two things holding me together today are tea and stubborness.

@kittychandler Someone once said that no novel is ever finished, only abandoned.

Wishing you the best with this draft.

I run a Patreon account. One of the rewards for your support is the chance to have me as your personal writing mentor!

I'm so pleased to see patreon accounts being shared here. Such a game-changer for artists.
I run one to back my #webcomic BREAKS ( - and Friday is #patreon day for it, so here we go! ^_^
#comics #UKartists

@kittychandler At some point, you will have to send it out into the world. The danger of over-editing is you lose the spark that drove the piece in the first place.

from the International Space Station. Land of mountains and coasts, castles and dragons. And my father, who was born and grew up in Pembroke (bottom left)
[image credit: probably NASA]

Having a Led Zeppelin kind of an evening on Spotify...

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