I swear it would be easier to raise Cthulhu than rouse my kids from bed on a school day.

By the way, congratulations to those who finished yesterday. Even if you didn't hit the word count, you're still awesome for attempting it. And there's nothing to stop you carrying on with the story (although probably at a less hectic pace) now November's over.

I'm running a competition for my patreon supporters and newsletter subscribers. The prize is a signed copy of ACK-ACK MACAQUE: THE COMPLETE TRILOGY. If you're not already signed up, you have until the end of the month if you want to enter


@eskay8 Go with the one that pulls you in. Chance are it'll do the same to the reader.

Writers, editors, etc. Please take care of yourselves.

- Drink a glass of water
- Look up from the screen regularly
- Do some stretches
- Listen to a song you like
- Eat something nutritious
- Get some fresh air
- Take a nap

Copies of the omnibus edition of my Macaque trilogy have just arrived from the publisher. All three novels, plus a brand new epilogue, in one handsome paperback edition!

@Heliodora@tootplanet.space If their English is 'native', surely that means they're English?

I have to say that the idea of putting posts about politics behind a content warning is one of the most wonderful contributions to mental health I've ever heard of.

@Gargron I like the way the village Christmas brighten the dark evenings.

@Spellscribe It's still Sunday evening here in the UK. I'm just thinking about opening a bottle of wine...

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