I’ve been wanting to read Legends & Lattes, but I didn’t want to spend money at Amazon, so I’m pleased to say that I just saw an announcement on twitter that Tor Books has signed a contract with Travis Baldree to publish the book in the US, and it’s getting fast-tracked.

Yesterday I read two novellas and one short story by Iona Datt Sharma that I really liked; queer fantasy in two cases (Penhallow Amid Passing Things, and Sing for the Coming of the Longest Night) and political romance in the other (Division Bells).

Anyway, I’m looking forward to their novel and might even read some more short fiction by them; I mostly prefer longer work, but also I need things to read!

Over the last several years but particularly the last two, I’ve been pickier and pickier about reading books that are new to me because life is so stressful that I don’t want stressful books (except from a few particular authors).

So I’m mostly rereading things like Lois McMaster Bujold’s Penric books, Martha Wells, Katherine Addison’s Goblin Emperor and Witness for the Dead, Becky Chambers, T.Kingfisher/Ursula Vernon (only her books that aren’t labeled as horror).


So what’s up with me? Some things have changed, most haven’t. Still writing for sale, still making encoded stitch patterns for my Patreon, still expanding my skills and talking about that, still clothes and thing. Still have a cat. Still reading

I just read Becky Chambers’s A Psalm for the Wild-Built, and oddly it feels like a good thing to read following Witness for the Dead. A description of the protagonist’s new job: “listen to people, drink tea.”

It was a good book. I liked living in it; I like the culture and the people we meet. So nice to not find a book stressful, even when it has serious things to say.


I also read and other things as well sometimes.

I enjoy reading about , , and , among other topics.

I'm trained as a reference , though I haven't worked in a library in a few years. I was a major in college thirty years ago, so I've forgotten a lot and I suspect the field has changed a lot.

I have a question-answering reflex.


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Good morning, shop, and the worlds where we wander!

Thank goodness we're back to more normal temperatures. And rain. Lots of rain (which we really needed).

I have been reading things!

K.B. Spangler's Stoneskin, which I enjoyed a lot.

Lois McMaster Bujold's the Flowers of Vashnoi, which I read twice in quick succession. I'm fonder of Ekaterin than of Miles, so this was right up my alley.

Time for tea, and then some knitting!

:teapot: :ball_of_yarn:

I've been around Mastodon for the eternity of the last seven months or so. 😉 But why not do another post anyway?

I'm a designer.
I also like , , and many kinds of -related things. (Check out !)

I like .

I'm prone to talking about . :teapot:

Finally, I'm a trained reference at large (not currently working as one), and have a question-answering reflex.

I've pinned and , and in late December, I will add .

I also sometimes look at and

I often use or or or

If you include hashtags for your interests in your , it makes it easier for you to find other people with similar ones by clicking the hashtag in your post. (And vice versa.) I was going to boost my last intro post, but I can’t find it. Oh well!

(Important note: no spaces or punctuation in hashtags. Also, might suit you better than . It’s a Mastodon thing.)


Am rereading Provenance by Ann Leckie. (yes, you may presume I like it; I would not otherwise reread it.)

I am not at my best, health wise, but hello, I just made peppermint tea, would you like some?

I recently read The Big Meow, by Diane Duane, and that was satisfying.

What are you reading?

Hello, shop! It's being a puttery sort of a day, but so far I have hung up laundry, bought a raincoat that fits, and finished reading Central Station. There were things I liked about it, and things I didn't. (Somehow it didn't feel finished, though it was kind of the way that life never feels finished. But still, I like stories to be more wrapped up.) I liked it more than not.

Here is Shadow. She is doing some very important sleeping.

Ursula Vernon said on Twitter that "Sun, Moon, Dust" is a story about kindness and potatoes, and it totally is.


It's also a nice change from the cliches about magic swords.

Much recommended!

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